December 11

Planning For Shoot 2

Between our group, we decided that we had not gathered enough shots to fully detail and make the narrative understandable to the audience, so we decided to scrap the idea and re-film a whole new thriller, here is some of the planning documents we made for the new thriller

Personally, in my opinion, the shoot went well, we used a variety of shot distances and angles and this time really thought about the framing of shots, we filmed in chronological order, this gave us the advantage of seeing the narrative unfold whilst filming, I feel we could have kept the camera more steady, however, all in all the shoot went well.



December 11

Draft 1

This is the Draft 1 of our thriller “Lissette” As you can view below we have cut down and edited our thriller adding in different transitions and filters. When compared to the narrative cut, you can see a number of clips we cut down to make the narrative quick and easy to follow, we found that using the narrative draft helped us to outline the mystery and enigma that was going to be included within our thriller, so when we started Draft 1 we knew what to include to expand on that enigma element.

below is some feedback left on our Draft 1, these comments helped us to gain an understanding from the perspective of the target audience, the comments they left were useful and helped us to further develop our Draft 1, it also gave us an insight into what the target audience thought went well and what didn’t, we have taken into account the ideas and are implementing them further into our final draft.Comment:

  • Used a variety of shots
  • Used good mise-en-scene
  • Used typical iconography of a thriller


  • Edit to make more narrative sense
  • Introduce new editing techniques to make the narrative easier to understand




December 10

Editing Process

Before the completion of draft 1, we had to spend time carefully fine editing to create narrative sense and to add suspense to our thriller, we took screen shots displaying our editing process, we used techniques such cross dissolves and using key points to make a flash of white appear on the screen, this helps to portray the madness of our protagonist. this screen shot shows the flashes

this screen shot shows the flashes being added, this helps to speed up the narrative and to help the audience to understand the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist.
This screen shot shows the implementation of the cross dissolve, this helps to cut to a different time in the narrative easily.
December 9

Rough Cut (Basic Edit Of Narrative)

Before editing the clips in Premiere Pro we had to insert the clips into a chronological order in terms of events of the film, we did this it would be easier to edit and the narrative would be in order so it would make sense, this also gave us a little insight to what the finished product would be like, it also helped us to recognise are strengths and weaknesses for what we could do better next time.

As a group, we were very pleased with the mise-en-scene that we captured and managed to use techniques such as depth of felid to really show detail in all things in the scene, however, some of our shots broke basic continuity rules. Some of our shots were out of focus so they had to be refilmed as well as added shots to help improve the narrative.

December 8

Filming Day Evaluation

Evaluation of filming day:

In my opinion I would say the filming of our thriller was generally okay,our film location was the Priaulx Library, when beginning to film we discovered some issues with the tripod as it was flimsy and some camera shots had to be redone due to the instability of the tripod, generally speaking, things went well in terms of shots, we used depth of field to help explore depth within the scene, when taking shots in the upstairs room, we found it difficult to get the correct amount of light due to the fact the only lighting we had was natural light, however we used this to the best of our advantage and used shadows to help portray the psychotic messages we wanted to include in our thriller.

  When filming we used a large variety of shots such as high angles, low angles, long shots and close-ups, we used close ups to show reaction to the happenings in the scene, we used a lot of canted angles to help show the “drugged” feeling of the protagonist, one of the shots we used featured a reflection, this shot i feel was particularly done well as the depth of field changed when focusing on the mirror, a shot that i feel could have been better is the final shot as the camerawork is shaky and could have been better.

Another flaw that we found whilst on the shoot was some of our shots were blurry, we did not allow the camera to focus and it looks low standard, some use of editing and tools on premiere pro can help to correct these shots but we may have to refilm a few, however some of the shots that are out of focus can be used to create a blurred effect and reflect the mind of our protagonist.

In conclusion I would say the large majority of our shots were appropriate, we took into mind the use of match on action, the 180 degrees rule and we are going to use continuity editing to make narrative sense, I feel with the use of non-diegetic sound and titles we can really add the darkness and depth to our thriller.


  • Variety of shot distances and angles
  • Good use of mise en scene
  • Use of depth of field to make things stand out
  • Good use of shots to create match on action
  • Kept the 180 degree rule throughout the whole sequence
  • Camera was still for all shots


  • Some shots taken were out of focused
  • Acting could’ve been better as some emotion isn’t shown
  • We only had natural light so correcting lighting was impossible


  • Use more close ups to capture emotion
  • Make sure the camera is focused
December 7




This is our storyboard, we used a storyboard to visualise our narrative and to plan out in detail what shots we needed to complete the narrative, by using images it gives us a visual reminder of what shots to use.

December 3

Risk Assesment

Before filming our thriller, we had to outline the dangers and harm that could potentially be caused on our filming day at the Priaulx Library.

We chose as part of our mise-en-scene to use a ladder and a small knife, due to this we had Miss Hales present whilst using them to ensure maximum safety.

December 2

Shot List

This is our shot list for our thriller, we made this as a guide to what shots to take and who would be filming them, we planned our shots in chronological order creating the narrative and what order we would film the shots in.