February 6

Titles and Research Planning

In the midst of editing, we had to come to a decision on titles that would work within the start of our thriller, to help us with our decision making, we used 3 different films and looked at what they used, as an inspiration for our thriller.

Titles are very much a big part of the opening sequence of a thriller, they prepare the audience for the unfolding narrative, by using music and different font styles we can introduce the audience to our thriller and intrigue them before the narrative has happened


Click on the posters to see our work.

Above is the work that we did on the opening titles of the film Vinyl (2016) we made the timeline of the titles to show within our thriller the roles that should be mentioned and when this helped us make a decision on our titles for our thriller.











Beth and I made lists of the appearance of roles within the titles of these two films to make a confirmed decision on the titles we wanted to use in our thriller, this made the process of selecting titles easier, after completing the research task we made a decision on the final list of titles:

  • Distribution
  • Production Company – Blowhole Productions
  • Actor – Dylan James
  • Actor – Serge Bellinger
  • The Wanderer
  • Casting – Kenneth Tweddle
  • Costume designer – Caitlin-Jo Guest
  • Music Supervisor – Simon Bradley
  • Cinematography – Chris Perry
  • Lighting – Kit Hannah
  • Location – Alex Gill
  • Co-producer – Theodore Woosley
  • Production Designer – Louis Pearson
  • Executive Producer – Samuel Hancock
  • Directors – Bethany Ozanne and Alex Le Maitre