March 13

Draft 3 (edit includes music and foley sounds)

We received feedback in terms of sound, titles and the edit. In terms of sound, we were advised to edit the perspective of the footsteps this was mainly because they were really loud, after changing volume and using key points to set the volume at specific points we managed to create the perspective we were looking for. We were also advised to move the title of ‘The Wanderer’ into the middle of the screen it is more prominent and also change the colour of the font. We also had to find a sound that matched the crunching of the protagonist’s cereal packet. Additionally, we had to change the pace of the non-diegetic sound and finally use an exponential fade to merge two different sounds.

This a screencastify concerning feedback to our draft 3 thriller.


Since receiving this feedback we have made changes where appropriate.

  • We have gone through all the sound within our thriller and mad it in time with the action
  • We improved the sound perspective for the footsteps



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