Audience Profiling

This is my Audience Profiling for the magazine ‘Metal Hammer’  With my partner we had to use the website ‘YouGov’ to analyse the phsychographic and demographic’s of this magazine. This website enabled us to see some crucial information about the audience who use and follow this media. The information shows us what is a common trend for the people who read this magazine. These are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Social Status
  • General Interests Groups

This task has helped us to learn and understand the ideas of demographic and psychographic and what each of these relates to.  It also helped us understand what these people who read certain magazine’s media preferences are and what their lives are like. Therefore this allows for the producers of the magazines to target this information at the correct consumers of the media. Knowing this information also allows for the producers to link the demographics to the audience in more than one way to attract that particular audience. This means that what is on the magazine cover should be relevant to what is contains inside.

This will help my work in the future as now I have learnt to link my work towards a particular audience. Along with that I have also learnt some new terms what they mean.

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