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Above are all of the images from my shoot.  We managed to take 89 photos all together to eventually end up with 9 perfect images that we all really liked.  We managed to get all of these images so that we would have variety between them meaning each image was very specific to a certain story.  We used the camera techniques such as Camera angle, Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed to get all of the different photographs. As you can clearly see many of the images we had taken were very bad quality and didn’t portray story aspects but this was useful as it meant that we knew what we had to change to improve the images, weather that changed the idea of the shot or one of the camera settings. The reason some images were bad quality tended to be because of the setting on the camera. For example in the water cup shots some of them were too dark, this was because the the ISO was on a low number and the aperture was set to an incorrect setting.  To fix this issue I kept changing the settings so that eventually they looked correct and enabled me to get all of the detail I wanted to achieve. After a number of attempts we were able to get the correct effect for a shot which we wanted to get. In particular the cup falling shot took quite a few attempts as it was hard to time it correctly and to get the other parts of the image correct such as the framing.   Along with that I had to change the camera settings a number of times to get the perfect shot. Some of the shots were out of focus and this was due to the aperture.  The images that were affected by this the most were the shoe images. This was due to the fact that I wasn’t allowing enough light into the camera therefore too much of the image was blurred. To fix this issue I changed the F-Stop to about F.8.

I found this task really enjoyable and useful as it allowed me to put into practice all of the different techniques which I was taught.  It also showed me how these small changes with the camera can really affect the outcome of the images and sometimes it takes time to achieve the image you planned on getting.

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