My Copy of professional magazine front cover


The aim of the task was to replicate a professional magazine cover as closely as we possibly could the Indesign software. Doing this allowed us to learn how to use this software correctly so that we can apply it to out final magazine front cover’s. It has also increased our understanding of what should go onto a front cover to make it successful.


I found this task overall very useful as it allowed me to put into practice what I have been taught about the Indesign software. It also enabled me to understand what it takes to make a good magazine front cover in terms of what information should be applied to it and what what take to make it eye catching. Now that I have this experience and knowledge it will make it much easier for my own magazine front cover.


When I come to make my own cover my skills will have been fine tuned and to the best of my ability so that I can achieve some quality work.  I want my front cover to seem seamless between all the different components of it such as the images and text.  I also want to be able to do these different editing techniques quicker to maximise my time.

My Versions Strengths

  • The texts work well together
  • Fonts are relatively similar
  • The NME outline is quite accurate.

My Versions weaknesses

  • The quality of the image is not very good and it is not the same as the one they have used
  • The text of the title is covering the image slightly when I didn’t want it to
  • Colours could have been brighter to pop out like they do it in actual cover

Here is my attempt of the NME Paramore Magazine. Below that is the Actual one that I have tried to replicate.

Image result for Nme paramore magazine

To help me edit this I used a series of different you tube videos. These are all located below:

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