Prelim Task 2 – Tell me a Story

This preliminary task includes is a short story about how Harry managed to turn up to school in his PJ’s!

As a pair with Amie we chose to create a story about Harry turning up to school with the incorrect Artie. The aim of this task was to develop our editing skills, which is something I think I have defiantly done. In my eyes this video is more of a sketch to practice some of the basic editing techniques.  Some of these editing techniques that I have learnt are:

  • Cutting on Action 
  • Match On Action 
  • Cut/Razor tool
  • Jump Cut 

These techniques are some that I have learnt about from doing this task however I have no used them all. I used Match on Action to simply move the actor through the door within the editing software so that It can be seen from a range of angles.

Some of the filming techniques that we have used within our video and some that I have now learnt are:

  • Panning 
  • Trombone effect
  • Tilt
  • canted angle filming 

These techniques help to create a more interesting video than it would have been otherwise. My favorite technique that I used whilst filming was the Panning shot. this is an effective shot to show the movement of someone walking and it worked very well within this short video.

What Worked Well 

Within this short video I believe that I stuck to the 180 Degree rule very well. This is where you only stay one side of the set so that you don’t get any cross overs of camera men and camera’s in the background.  Along with that it also doesn’t confuse the audience in where about they are watching from.  I made sure that I didn’t go the wrong side when filming and when I did I corrected myself and re shot it.

What Needs Improving

I think that one part of this video that needs improving is the length and the amount of videos that I had. If I was to do this task again I would make sure I’ve got a larger range of shots espechially super close ups to get everyone facial expressions.

Overall in conclusion, doing this video has helped me learn a range of techniques and also it has helped me to understand some basic skills such as the 18- degree rule which I can now use in my Music video when filming.


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