Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Below I have inserted our first music video draft. This includes all of performance shoot shots within.

Self Assessment

Above is our first music video draft that we have created. Seeming that it is our first video draft that we have completed together I am quite happy with the outcome.  Doing this group edit allowed us all to edit in our own ways in one video and meant we were able to create a first draft outcome that we are all happy with. Having edited and watched the first draft we have decided that there is too little variety, this is manly down to two reasons a lack of narrative footage and limiting performance shots. I currently believe that this current version of the video doesn’t particularly represent a music video however it has a lot of potential for the future drafts.

By creating a video of our performance shots it has helped to establish the narrative shots we need to obtain as well as at which points these may fit In to the video. Looking at this edit I think that one part that worked really well was the fast paced editing as that is something that is genre specific in terms of being a trend along with something that works very well with the song. I believe that one thing that would have improved this draft would be to include a wider range of camera angles and amount of zoomed shots. The pace and timing of the editing work really well with the footage that we have however it could also be improved. In Our up and coming drafts we will incorporate more effects and use the tools within primer pro to create a more professional looking video.

Overall I feel confident with this draft and I can clearly see there is plenty of room for improvement in the future which I am looking forward to see and edit.


As this is only a early draft there are plenty of places within the video that in need of some improvements.

  • Having a performance shoot completed
  • Improved Mise en scene – To convey the star image
  • Have a wider range of footage – Include extreme long shots and extreme close ups
  • Include some different after effects in Premier Pro such as a VHS tape effect and some purposeful grain

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