Narrative Storyboard

To be able to create an awesome narrative it was key that we were able to jot our ideas down and create a simple, clear and easy to follow story line. This allowed for us to create our ‘Narrative storyboard’ that you can clearly see displayed below. We created the text on a word document to everyone had access to it within school our and afterwards, This allowed us to be more time efficient.

within our storyboard, it has detailed boxes for different frames, with information about shots and income the editing that will help provide this narrative. Doing this has massively helped us with being more prepared when doing the actual shoot as we will be fully aware of what shots, angles and frames that we will have to do. It is music video specific to include a coherent narrative therefore we will create a product which maintains its genre along with becoming as professional as possible.

Overall creating this narrative storyboard has been a great success for these following reasons; 

  • allowing everyone to get idea’s across
  • Being more organised
  • creating a story line
  • helping us decide what angles, shots and frames we need¬†


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