Music Video Draft 3

We have now completed draft 3 of our Music Video. With the feedback we have been able to alter this version allowing us to improve our video further.

  • Firstly we have been able to go out and do some more shots. These have worked well as it has created contrast between the red and black dresses worn on each shoot.
  • Another change we made is the inclusion of the introduction song, and silence before the music starts, similar to the end this allows for the narrative to be introduced. It also allows for the song to start slowly, rather than shocking the audience straight into the viewing.
  • Small adjustments have also been made to make sure that the lips are central within the frame, and any awkward movements have been removed. Some of the longer shots have also been trimmed down so they are at a more suitable length now.

Another way to help us improve our product is by looking at Student Comments on our different drafts as they allow for us to be able to view other people around our similar age’s thoughts are on our music video. This external feedback means we can make a video that better fits the audience and the genre we have chosen to represent, below I have attached some of the comments that have kindly been left on our draft 3 video.

Using Student Comments along with reviewing and evaluating this draft we are now able to improve the video further for out 4th Draft. One of the key changes that we are going to make to improve the video is to add in some different filters to create a wider separation between the narrative and performance aspects of the music video. We have also spoke about adding text to the start of the video to name the song and to put our names onto the video, This is a common trend that features in most music video’s. Other small changes will include the positioning of clips meaning the video will constantly be edited.



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