Specsavers Creative

As a Media class we were lucky enough to have a recent visit from two members of the creative team at Specsavers. One of the members names Lenny came over to our computer as we were having a group discussion and gave us a massive hand with some issues we had been having with our editing. He also gave us some more great idea’s for our next re-shoot.

He firstly showed us how to use Adjustment layers. This was a much more simple and effective way of editing our work. doing this process allowed for the whole look of the video change.

Another of the things that Lenny showed us was our file management as it was awfully organised. He showed us how to use ‘Bins’ that are located within Premier Pro. This has been super helpful in the short term and long term so we can easily find the different parts of video with the software.

Finally he showed us some shortcuts for different movements around the application, something I’m sure will be beneficial throughout the editing process and allow us to create the best product in the short amount of time left.

Below I have Embedded A YouTube video’s that has also been helpful.




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