Shoot Evaluation (Narrative) – RESHOOT

As a group we were all very unhappy with the outcome of our first shoot. This meant that we had to do another shoot in order to create some quality imagery that works well for our narrative. Overall we are very happy with the result of this shoot. We felt more organised and ensured there was more planning and structure to it. We had a stronger creative vision for it and aimed for specific shots in order to create the atmosphere and story line we had envisioned.  One of the key reasons that this shoot happened to be so successful was due to the fact that Nicole had taken the time to learn, practice and rehearse the lyrics This made the shoot flow so successfully. Other aspects of the shoot such as the prop’s, costume were all as we expected and the environment was controlled meaning that we were less likely to run into any environmental/weather or lighting issues. We used the lecture theater as a scene because the area was empty and clean as well as the walls being white and empty. With this bare area we could add whatever we wanted. This is especially useful because it meant we could personalize the whole set and all of the attention in the scene would be on, our carefully selected, bathroom Acsessories 

We wanted to create a plot that the artist has just returned home from a night out, she is feeling lonely and nostalgic of her previous relationship, she recounts all of the faults and feels blessed she is now free from him/ “sober” of him. We feel like we successfully represented this in the scene using the bathroom props.

In the image above you can see our makeshift bathroom we have made. It took alot of time and effort but it looks really good.

Above is the bath we used in our shoot. We propped it up against some boxes  to make it look similar to a real bath in a real bathroom.

Here you can also see the cold water and roses we used to imply the love within our narrative.

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