So how did it go?

My final product ‘Millennial’s’ magazine as my component one is finished and can now be viewed as the first post on my home page. Through research, experimenting, creating, feedback and then evaluating, the magazine has developed a lot from its original design and form and transformed into the final product that it is today that I am very happy and proud of.

I’ve enjoyed learning how to work with a range of hardware and software to produce the best work I possibly can. Making it new, interesting and unique as a magazine. Overall I feel like I have been able to accomplish that very well. These new skills that i have learnt range from using image manipulation on Photoshop, using my DSLR or editing my dragons den video and finally text to fit my genre and branding.  These are just a handful of new skills in which I have learnt with regards to creating my music magazine and blog. I have also begun learning how to navigate my way around Premier Pro which will equip me for my next component with my music video.

Draft 6

Here is my feedback so that I can create my final and completed draft of my magazine. The parts that I had to change and edit to finalize my magazine are below:

Front Cover Page

  • Add price
  • Add issue number
  • Add date
  • change wording of top plug
  • Add another image

Contents Page

  • Page Numbers – Include specifics
  • Change the image
  • Push album and track right
  • This weeks best gigs – Move away from side of page
  • Fully complete the page

Double Page Spread

  • Hyphens – remove them,
  • Make quotes slightly smaller
  • Proof Read article
  • Byline and photo credit
  • Page number

Here is my Draft 6 That I am going to make the final changes to to complete my magazine.

So… How is it going?

What design skills have I learnt?

Throughout my experience using Photoshop and In Design I have gained skills to help manipulate text into certain shapes and to fill certain areas on a page so that the text can look a particular way.

The biggest factor that has helped me a lot recently with allowing me to fit my text around my images has simply been using the drawing pen tool to draw a particular shaped box to follow around an image.  This tool is very simple to use and to find on the toolbar. It allowed me to create any shaped box I wanted to with ease. The fact that the pen tool also had a range of different setting meant that I could find the perfect one for the job. Freefrom Pen Tool was the one I most often used within my work.

Things such as spacing between letters, width of letters and height of letters are all factors which it is very helpful to learn for magazine editing. I have used this loads in particular the Masthead and the plug just above it so that they would both fit and work well together. I mainly used this in In design due to understanding that software more however I am aware you can simply and easily do the same process on Photoshop.

This is what the settings look like on Photoshop to be able to change the settings. The Indesign version is also very similar.

Another skill in which I have defiantly learnt and improved on is my overall IT ability and know how due to constantly being on the computers and laptops. In particular my software skills have vastly improved in quality and speed witch has meant I can edit my magazine to a higher quality level and at a quicker pace. I have also developed general ICT skills from working on a PC constantly. Other skill include formatting photos and making everything compatible from my blog and also editing my blog.

In conclusion these are the three most relevant skills in which I have either learnt like the Pen tool or just gradually improved on with loads of practice and dedication.  Learning these skills has made it so much easier and the quality of my work much higher as these were simple parts of the software’s and understandings that I didn’t understand but not I am aware about.


Feedback On Article – 3

Targets for Development

I have had my article peer assessed. I am happy with how it sits on the pages and the content within the article however I know there are a few mistakes. These mistakes are simple little parts that I simply need to change to the article to change it from a good magazine to a great one with all the correct use of grammar and sentence structure.

Things that I am going to change within my article to improve it: 

  • Read through and double check it all makes complete sense
  • Make sure I have included my Full stop
  • Remove the Hyphens In Indesign to allow for the magazine to flow better.

Once I have changed these few little things my double page spread should be complete. In conclusion the use of doing this has meant that I now have double checked my double page spread and It is nearly it’s final complete page once I have made these changes.

Draft 5 Work in Progress

Below are the three most up to date versions of my; Front Cover, Contents page and Double page spread.


In order to develop my magazine, getting someones else’s view is important Below I have embedded the feedback given from Anastasia on my article. I am happy with the outcome of the feedback as it seems very positive and there is some good constructive criticism such as saying some of the text is quite bunched. This will all help me to perfect my final drafts.


Option 1- The first advert i have chosen is a beer advert for Corona. The advert is very attractive, it makes a good use of colour and would work well in an indie style magazine. It fits the demographics interests. This advert is also Unisex meaning that the target audience is everyone who is above the legal drinking age. This is perfect as my Indie dating profile the woman is 22 meaning this could possibly appeal to her

Option 2- This advert is a shoe advert. I have Chosen two. The first one is the one titled ‘The sneaker makes the man’ I really like the simplicity and the design. The shoe is very attractive and the words are simple sharp and are enticing. One thing that would be limiting for it in my magazine is the fact that it is directed only at them. On the other hand the air Force 1 adverts are less attractive in my opinion however the shoe is unisex meaning it would appeal to a wider audience also there is more information to easily read if the audience is genuinely interested in the  shoes they can simply read some of the information.

The type of people who are going to be reading my magazine will tend to be middle class normal people meaning that things such as food, drinks and clothes in adverts work well as everyone has to eat, drink and wear clothes on a daily basis so these ads I have selected work well.