Draft 6

Here is my feedback so that I can create my final and completed draft of my magazine. The parts that I had to change and edit to finalize my magazine are below:

Front Cover Page

  • Add price
  • Add issue number
  • Add date
  • change wording of top plug
  • Add another image

Contents Page

  • Page Numbers – Include specifics
  • Change the image
  • Push album and track right
  • This weeks best gigs – Move away from side of page
  • Fully complete the page

Double Page Spread

  • Hyphens – remove them,
  • Make quotes slightly smaller
  • Proof Read article
  • Byline and photo credit
  • Page number

Here is my Draft 6 That I am going to make the final changes to to complete my magazine.

Feedback On Article – 3

Targets for Development

I have had my article peer assessed. I am happy with how it sits on the pages and the content within the article however I know there are a few mistakes. These mistakes are simple little parts that I simply need to change to the article to change it from a good magazine to a great one with all the correct use of grammar and sentence structure.

Things that I am going to change within my article to improve it: 

  • Read through and double check it all makes complete sense
  • Make sure I have included my Full stop
  • Remove the Hyphens In Indesign to allow for the magazine to flow better.

Once I have changed these few little things my double page spread should be complete. In conclusion the use of doing this has meant that I now have double checked my double page spread and It is nearly it’s final complete page once I have made these changes.

Draft 5 Work in Progress

Below are the three most up to date versions of my; Front Cover, Contents page and Double page spread.


In order to develop my magazine, getting someones else’s view is important Below I have embedded the feedback given from Anastasia on my article. I am happy with the outcome of the feedback as it seems very positive and there is some good constructive criticism such as saying some of the text is quite bunched. This will all help me to perfect my final drafts.


Option 1- The first advert i have chosen is a beer advert for Corona. The advert is very attractive, it makes a good use of colour and would work well in an indie style magazine. It fits the demographics interests. This advert is also Unisex meaning that the target audience is everyone who is above the legal drinking age. This is perfect as my Indie dating profile the woman is 22 meaning this could possibly appeal to her

Option 2- This advert is a shoe advert. I have Chosen two. The first one is the one titled ‘The sneaker makes the man’ I really like the simplicity and the design. The shoe is very attractive and the words are simple sharp and are enticing. One thing that would be limiting for it in my magazine is the fact that it is directed only at them. On the other hand the air Force 1 adverts are less attractive in my opinion however the shoe is unisex meaning it would appeal to a wider audience also there is more information to easily read if the audience is genuinely interested in the  shoes they can simply read some of the information.

The type of people who are going to be reading my magazine will tend to be middle class normal people meaning that things such as food, drinks and clothes in adverts work well as everyone has to eat, drink and wear clothes on a daily basis so these ads I have selected work well.

Feedback on Article – 2


Above is my peer voice memo reading.  I had my friend read my article aloud to see if there were anymore grammatical errors in my article. Hearing my article out loud was very good as it showed me a lot of things I would not have noticed otherwise. Willem who read it out loud also gives me some feedback towards the end of the voice memo.  There were a few grammatical mistakes in the article such as I should have used commas instead of full stops.  There was also the mistake of not adding a full stop to the end of my finial paragraph.

Feedback on Article – 1

I have now written my article, which can be found in full on the previous document. I have also Placed the whole article below in a document form  which has changed a lot. I am very happy with the outcome and how it is looking and I feel like it is almost fully completed. I’m sure it will be once I have received some feedback on it

By adding the article to my Double Page Spread it allows me to receive feedback on how it looks on the page, as-well as allowing me to see how much of it fits onto the page. I have edited it so that The article looks complete however I have removed two of the Life tips so that it can all fit onto my double page spread. Things that I have changed in my Double page spread are:

  • The Title
  • The colour of the each questions
  • Added another image with a quote
  • I have put in all the necessary part of my article
  • I have made the image larger
  • The size of the title
  • The size of the subtitles

I am very happy with the outcome so far. The colors work well throughout the page and the images are portraying the genre very well. There is a clear difference between the questions and the life tips.

A New Improved Front Page

Here is my newly designed and improved Front page of my magazine. I have completely re-designed the title page to a less hectic and simple design. I am very happy with how it is coming along at the moment but I am still aware there are still some parts I need to change/Add in to make this fully complete. The new image is fresh and brings new life into the cover along with the less cluttered and bold title they combine well to draw in the audience.

Overall I am very happy with the way in which it is currently heading and I am confident it will be a bold and great front cover once completed.

A New Improved Double Page Spread

Below is my newly designed and improved double page spread. The parts that I have added are:

  • New background Colour
  • New coloured Title
  • Different image
  • The start of the article has been introduced

This Double page spread has almost got my complete article located on it with an almost completed design and layout. Parts of the Double page spread that I am going to change or improve are: 

  • Introduce another Image
  • Make the title sizes smaller for the tips and questions
  • Change the ‘Life tips &Fan Q&A’
  • Increase the size of the main cover star in my double page spread

Overall I am very happy with all of the progress I have made with my double page spread as I feel like it has come on leaps and bounds since my first draft. It is unique and retro and displays the genre, Indie rock very well along with a good start to my article.

Draft 4 Feedback and targets

Below is all the key information from my Screencastify Feedback. Watching this back has helped me as now I am aware of the changes I need to make to improve my magazine. I have categorized the feedback into the three separate pages.

Front Cover

  • Title – Make it centered as it is currently off-centered
  • Exclusive interview – Make it clear in regards to who it is with
  • Album promotion – Make the white background smaller and the image larger
  • Plugs – Make sure it is clear which one goes with each different part
  • Bar code – Move the bar code to a more suitable place to make it look like a more professional magazine

Contents Page

Overall I need to just finish off this page and make some last changes and it should be almost completed.

  • Headers – Finish them off and try to make them short and punchy
  • Wording – Make sure there are no hyphens between a word as that looks very strange
  • Image – Bottom image needs to be manipulated so that image is brighter

Double Page Spread

This is the part of my magazine that is in most need of change and improvements.

  • Continue the floor grey colour across the page.
  • Subtitle – Make ‘The Man Of The Moment’ text larger
  • Standfirst – Include a standfirst into the text
  • Drop Capital – Include one
  • Quotes – Include a quote in the text
  • Design features – Include some design features to make the page more interesting
  • Image layering – Make the image go over the title
  • Title – Make the text larger so that the gap between the H and A is the fold line between the two pages

Article Idea Development

I have decided to take huge amounts of inspiration from the 10 Tips for life article in terms of that I am going to be interviewing my cover star, however I am going to have a series of different questions that range from short answers to long ones. I think this is the correct article to do for my indie rock genre music magazine as more indie rock artists seem to all produce this same persona about being edgy and cool and I feel like this styled article is breaking that stereotype down and allowing the audience to be able to see into the life of a famous Indie rock music artist.

I am going to make is very simple for the audience to follow the questions and answers from the interview as they will be clearly numbered along with being in different sections. This will make for a very interesting article as the questions will vary and so will the answers. The life tips on display will also all for the audience to be able to relate and learn from what he is saying. The audience is bound to find something new about ‘Bradshaw’ by the end of the article as it is very exclusive.

I want my artist to come across relate-able and almost friend like due to the use of quotes, A relaxed language style to entice the reader. I will include a few questions that have previously been written by fans to bring in that interaction to it. I am also going to plug other artist in the answers to show how famous and popular he is. I want the friendliness and reliability to contradict his cool, calm and collective vintage style that he seems to pursue.

This is going to be a fun and relatable article for everyone but in particular teens and young adults as this is who this magazine is mainly aimed at. This will allow for the audience to see an artist in a different light and as a common human being who has been through the same stuff as us all. This magazine article will also hold some information that has the ability to go viral due to some of the top secret and personal information that he has leaked through the questions.