My Copy of professional magazine front cover


The aim of the task was to replicate a professional magazine cover as closely as we possibly could the Indesign software. Doing this allowed us to learn how to use this software correctly so that we can apply it to out final magazine front cover’s. It has also increased our understanding of what should go onto a front cover to make it successful.


I found this task overall very useful as it allowed me to put into practice what I have been taught about the Indesign software. It also enabled me to understand what it takes to make a good magazine front cover in terms of what information should be applied to it and what what take to make it eye catching. Now that I have this experience and knowledge it will make it much easier for my own magazine front cover.


When I come to make my own cover my skills will have been fine tuned and to the best of my ability so that I can achieve some quality work.  I want my front cover to seem seamless between all the different components of it such as the images and text.  I also want to be able to do these different editing techniques quicker to maximise my time.

My Versions Strengths

  • The texts work well together
  • Fonts are relatively similar
  • The NME outline is quite accurate.

My Versions weaknesses

  • The quality of the image is not very good and it is not the same as the one they have used
  • The text of the title is covering the image slightly when I didn’t want it to
  • Colours could have been brighter to pop out like they do it in actual cover

Here is my attempt of the NME Paramore Magazine. Below that is the Actual one that I have tried to replicate.

Image result for Nme paramore magazine

To help me edit this I used a series of different you tube videos. These are all located below:

My Tour Poster

Overall I am happy with the outcome of my Pop Tour Poster as I feel like it captures the pop feeling really well. This task was to create our own tour posters using the genre we were given and all of the different techniques we had been taught.  We have done this because it is good practice for our magazine front cover and to put into practice all of the different techniques.  Below is my reflection upon producing this work:


Technical Camera Terms

Photograph Contact Sheet

Above are all of the images from my shoot.  We managed to take 89 photos all together to eventually end up with 9 perfect images that we all really liked.  We managed to get all of these images so that we would have variety between them meaning each image was very specific to a certain story.  We used the camera techniques such as Camera angle, Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed to get all of the different photographs. As you can clearly see many of the images we had taken were very bad quality and didn’t portray story aspects but this was useful as it meant that we knew what we had to change to improve the images, weather that changed the idea of the shot or one of the camera settings. The reason some images were bad quality tended to be because of the setting on the camera. For example in the water cup shots some of them were too dark, this was because the the ISO was on a low number and the aperture was set to an incorrect setting.  To fix this issue I kept changing the settings so that eventually they looked correct and enabled me to get all of the detail I wanted to achieve. After a number of attempts we were able to get the correct effect for a shot which we wanted to get. In particular the cup falling shot took quite a few attempts as it was hard to time it correctly and to get the other parts of the image correct such as the framing.   Along with that I had to change the camera settings a number of times to get the perfect shot. Some of the shots were out of focus and this was due to the aperture.  The images that were affected by this the most were the shoe images. This was due to the fact that I wasn’t allowing enough light into the camera therefore too much of the image was blurred. To fix this issue I changed the F-Stop to about F.8.

I found this task really enjoyable and useful as it allowed me to put into practice all of the different techniques which I was taught.  It also showed me how these small changes with the camera can really affect the outcome of the images and sometimes it takes time to achieve the image you planned on getting.

The Camera Talks

My Final 9 Chosen Images

Here are the 9 of my best photographs from my recent shoot that can all each individually have story.

There is a huge variety of different camera techniques which I have been taught and put into practice within these nine images.

The uses of the camera techniques help to create the different stories and give the images more dramatic meaning.  For example the image of the orange shoe located top left hand corner has a shallow depth of field with a very low, flat angle towards the main subject which is the orange shoe.  The aim for the shot was to get the meaning of individuality and being unique.  The group and myself created a pile of regular shoes behind the one unique shoe to get this meaning across.

My Best Image

My most favourite and interesting image is the water cup flying with water coming out of it. This can be located in the middle on the top row in the direct centre. The meaning behind this image was to get across the feeling of anger and that exact moment when you’re emotions flip and you feel nothing but anger. The calm neutral background compliments the exciting action taking place in front.  To get this Photograph I had to use the shutter priority setting on my camera and turn the aperture to the highest setting which was 1/4000fsp to be able to capture the water droplets. 


Overall this photo shoot has really helped me learn about the different camera techniques and to understand different settings on my camera and how these can all affect the different compositions of an image, and create a story. This has really helped me in many ways but in particular I am now much more confident in my camera abilities which will therefore help me take some brilliant photographs for my music magazine.

My Image That Uses Mise-En Scene For Meaning

Mood Board

Our Chosen genre was Pop Music. To begin with I created a pop genre mood board. Trending themes in pop music include bright colour’s,  ‘extroverted over the top’ outfits that are eye catching and Unique.  The lighting in the images is clear, very fake and clearly staged, this helps the song artist look good in the image.  What is very unique to pop music is that every artist tries to be completely different and stand out from one another.

Myself As A Pop Artist

This is myself as a Pop Star. I am wearing sparkly black sequenced trousers with a matching top hat and a necklace that is also matching. The aim with this look was to get across a Friendly but cool look that is also family friendly and inviting. The Fact that I am pulling a funny pose is to gain fan popularity and popularity especially with younger ages. This outfit is very unique but also classy at the same time with the tie and shirt. It is also slightly rustic as my shirt is un-tucked which in my eyes is a new style and is something that pop artists might do with there outfits. The necklace prop helps to emphasise my look to make me look more different individual and quirky.  In my opinion, I believe we achieved this as audience comments were I looked friendly,  Funny and naughty which fans like as it gave a rebellious (bad school boy) approach.

Our Pop Artist Shoot

We took about 25 images in total. This was so that we were able to achieve a range of quality images that we could happily chose from knowing that any of them could be used as the final image. We also did this so that we could get the correct settings and camera angles so that the photographs could look as professional as possible.

Images 2885, 2882, 2883, 2900 and 2901 are all images where Myself and my co-pop star are jumping in the air with excitement. This is the feeling we wanted to get across to the audience along with the images being fun an friendly. Unfortunately the images came out in a poor quality, this meant that we were unable to achieve the crisp image quality which we wanted to achieve. Next time we will shoot these images on a DSLR camera instead of a mobile phone. The image 2843 and 2923 work really well mainly due to the leading lines. This is especially prominent in image 2923 as you are drawn to the centre of the image because of the hand.  The camera angle is also very very good as they are both mid-shots. Along with the camera angle the facial emphasis works really well to portray that fun feeling once again.

I think that because this was a fun task it really helped embrace the ‘pop’ feeling as we has genuine smiles, this comes across in the images which I believe would make the image look more appealing.  We also used a range of different backgrounds to find one that worked best and to make the ‘pop artist’s’ stand out.

Final Outcome

This Image above was the final outcome from our photo shoot. This was the best image in my opinion because I think both of our facial expressions seem to be happy and excitable. The slightly edgy and interesting background also makes this image very individual. The flat mid-shot also makes for an effective shot as it gets in our key features (Face and Outfits) I also felt like our costumes went well together with all of the sequins as they gave us an unique look along with keeping it classy. The slight brightening up of the tones helps the image ‘pop’ more and make it seem more appealing.  I did the colour balance as well to allow for the image to look modern and as professional as possible.

Print Media That Communicates Meaning

This is a poster analysis that I have done of Katy Perry’s World Tour poster.  The purpose of this work is to show my understanding of textual analysis. In this analysis I attempt to look at a number of different aspect’s of the poster and how each one relates to Mise En Scene. Along with looking at the Mise En scene of the poster I have also looked at the denotations and connotations that some aspects of this poster include. I chose the Katy Perry world tour poster as it really caught my attention along with enjoying her music. The reason I decided to create this poster analysis was to show my understanding from what I have learnt about Mise En Scene and how it can hugely effect this type of media.  Within my analysis of this poster I also decided to make my work seem seamless with the poster with the colours and classic simple text.

This work has really helped me as I now have a much better understanding of some of the key terms, along with that this has given me some great Ideas for the future In terms of making different form’s of media. (Magazine creating in particular.)  Some of more important features on this poster that I have definitely noted down for my Magazine is the colour pallet you choose. This is   very important for the audience looking at the poster as I found Katy Perry’s poster was colourful and family friendly and that was useful as it was her world tour and it has to appeal to a huge age range. also having the key information such as Venues, Times, dates Being really clear and bold is a massively important thing to have as it makes it simple and obvious for people to see what is happening when.

Overall this work has really helped me in improving my knowledge and understanding of Mise En Scene. It will also help me in the future when we start to make our Magazines.