Creative Critical Reflection 4

How did you integrate technologies in this project?




Creative Critical Reflection 3

How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

Below I have inserted our group CCR3 were we have discussed the question, How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products? For this, we have researched more deeply the music industry and the different strategies in place currently within the industry. We have decided to to show this information in the form of a Instagram Live Streamed styled vlog.

Creative Critical Reflection 2

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

Below I have incerted our group response to CCR2. This was answering the question ‘How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?’ Within this task we have discussed the impact of certain elements in relation to this question and voiced our answer to the above question.


Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of web design application

To create our final product, (the website) we started by creating a Wix account. Wix is a cloud based web development platform that allows for collaborative web pages.  We have been using over the past month to create our music stars website. Using this platform allowed for us to use one of there awesome templates and then make it our own. It is the perfect place to create a simple website that if needed you can dive into it and make something very special. The more we have used this website the better our skills have become therefore our website was always improving.  Below I have shown you two skills that we have learnt.

To allow us to be able to link our stars social media page we are able to use the media tab that is located on the ledt hand side of the page. In a summary the media page is used for adding in additional images and videos, which it then stores within the site. We have used the media page to add image for our store, and to incorporate backgrounds and album covers. This has been a great asset to have whilst editing the website as it gives it another dimension. You can see how this is done by the image that is located above.

Above you can see we often used the ‘Add’ icon on the left hand side of the page, This is one of the most useful parts of the whole site. We have used the menus subsection here to change the position of anchors within our page, providing us with the navigation we wanted and allowing for us to direct the user to a verity of different information. There are also other parts whereby you have the choice between text and image options, which we have made use of to make sure that our website not only fits the star image and branding but the genre.

Production Skills Evaluation 3 – DP

As our Digipack develops so have all of our skills. Here I am highlighting the new techniques and skills that we have learnt and developed to improve our Digipack.

One key skill I have developed is learning to use layers with Adobe In Design. Using the layers allowed for us to add in text over the images along with adding in images in front and behind one another. Having these layers also makes it a much more simple edit as we can easily find the layer we want along with it has  also increased the amount of editing as well as allowing the layers to be removed and added. This positively effects the audience response as it allows for a smartly presented album, that fits within the genre and  contains a variety of design features to convey the star image and branding.


Using the cutting tools within Adobe Photoshop are something we have used before when creating our music magazines. When creating our Dipsticks this has been a key skill that we have had to use to create an effective and professional looking packaging.  It has allowed for us to remove backgrounds and replace them along with cutting specific parts of an image out to use as a layer. A factor that has made this easier is using tolerances when using the cutting tools, increasing the tolerance allows for less accurate lines. This produces great results and allows the cut to be less Sharpe, as more blending occurs. This positively effects the genre, as it allows for us to use more complex image manipulation, commonly used with the R&B genre.



As the editing of our music video progresses so have our skills on the post production site of Premiere Pro. Below I have explained the different skills that we have learnt within premiere pro to improve our video.

  • Keyboard shortcuts- Alt and scroll is a feature I have discovered that allows really quick expansion of the timeline, making it easier to make precise cuts and line up different clips. Additionally we have found shortcuts for making windows full screen, and allowing for a more in-depth review of our footage when editing along with being alot more time efficient.
  • Video Only- Following on from the use of Marking, mentioned in the last on of these posts, we have been able to use two different buttons within that window, one which allows for the audio track only to be taken to the timeline, and the other used more frequently to carry the video only to the timeline for editing.
  • Nested Clip-  We have finally also found out about and learnt how to nest a clip, this is really helpful as it allows for lots of different modification to be made to the clip. For example when using the Warp stabilizer that softens the movement and stabilizers the video. This was an effect that we wanted to use for many clips and now using the nested clips we can apply that effect to them all. Doing this has also allowed for the story of the narrative to flow more smoothly and overall create a more polished and consistent star image of our dreamy conventional R&B Genre.

Above you can see the editing screen with all of our dissected clips along with the music and the post production effects such as colour correction and Warp Stabilizer.

The screen shot above is showing the Video only and the ‘Audio only’ buttons.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

In order to progress the production of our music video I have researched and been taught a range of new post production skills.

  • Bins– Sorting footage using bins is something we have found very useful when editing our music video as it allows for us to separate different shoots within the application, this organisation of our video media helps for everybody to know what footage we should and shouldn’t be using. This therefore allows us all to be able to easily start working on the project from someone who has just stopped editing it.
  • Filters and Colour correction– another feature which I have never used, is something that has been evermore useful when editing our video, as it gives me and the group the ability too change very small details within the video. This will therefore make the audience not loose concentration and focus when they are watching the video.
  • Marking video– when editing in preemie pro I have learnt to mark the footage before dragging it to the timeline, this not only allows a more in-depth control of when the video is cut but also helps to clean up what would otherwise be a very busy timeline. Doing this marking also allows for a better flow and this is seen to be very conventional for the Commentary R&B Genre.
  • Using Tracks– Within premiere pro I have found my self using a variety of different tracks for both video and audio, this is something I have previously not used very much as products where often more simple than the current. This allows for myself to be able to use a range of camera angles when editing, therefore positively effecting the range of content within the video.

This screenshot shows the importance of bins, here you can see the bins we have used for our different shoots, and footage that hasn’t been put into a bin, this footage is disorganized and hard to work with.

Screenshot showing the filters and colour correction pages in premiere pro, we have used this to adjust filters and alter colours.

Screenshot showing the use of tracks within our edit along with all of the different shots and variations we have used.