Digipack Draft 1

This is the first draft of the front and rear panes for our Digipak. With the shoot that we did we have found the best images and created the two panes of a Digipack that are located below this. Overall we are both super happy with the outcome of this first draft as the standard of it already is pretty good. We know we have areas to improve on and these will be seen in draft 2.

Digipak Draft 3

Below as you can see I have inserted our Digipack draft 3, and we are very close to finishing this product. Ahead of finishing this product we have done some more analysis and research. As part of this we have printed and include the imagery within an actual CD case to be able to allow our audience to gain a better feel for the end product.

Gathering opinions on the cover, we asked our classmates to say what genre they thought it was, and add some adjectives to describe the  cover. Overall the results were in our favor on many occasions therefor showing us that we have done a good job.  With regards to the star image and genre of my Digipack I believe the other students were clearly able to decode what we had encoded within our work. We also believe that our target audience was satisfied with the outcome of this work as they got their preferred reading but at the same time were experiencing something new and exciting, this is shown by the choice of results that people could choose between;

  • 6 people highlighted the cover as R&B
  • 4 people highlighted it as Pop.
  • No other option has any votes

The Adjectives that people used to describe our Digipack were;

  • Urban
  • Sassy
  • Fun
  • Dark
  • Funky

Working towards our final draft we will be looking to change very little as the Digipack has portrayed the genre exactly how we wanted it to. We are very happy with the outcome.

Digipack Draft 2

Here is Draft 2 of our Digipak, which include the inside panes.

Teachers Screen Castify Feedback

As you can see above I have inserted my teachers screencastify of our group work. Having all of this great feedback allows for us to improve for our next draft and allow for us to create the best digipack that is genre specific

below I have bullet pointed the different areas that we need to improve on for our next draft:

  • Design and Complete Spines- These should have the artists and album name and each has to face a particular direction in order to fit conventions.
  • Choose to either have 2 with imagery and 2 without or only feature our artists image on  the cover.
  • Try some different ideas for the inside panes, including a departure board/ Other designs in order to create more variety.
  • Shoot our own background for the different panes.
  • Make the overlap bigger not the rear, to highlight the design feature.

Evaluation Of Shoot

So that we could create the perfect packaging that we wanted we had to do another photo shoot.  We decided to use the white studio to do our shoots and overall we have all felt the shoot was very successful.  Within the shoot that we have done we were able to get a range of different shots that will not only be great for the digipack but also the website. We have taken some images of ‘Merchandise’ along with head shots and mid shots.  Now looking back at our shoot we are confident with the final images. These images will now be used and included into the final product.

Below I have inserted two images that we believe could work well as a front cover:

We have decided we like the look of this image as a one that could work really well for the front cover. We have been able incorporated the Mise en scene into the image using the glasses, Makeup, Jewelry and simple clothing style that is all very genre specific. All of these purposeful features allow for us to make a range of different edits.

This image also works well for a front cover for the digipak due to the fact she is directly staring into the camera and therefore draws the audience to look straight into her eyes.


In order to create our Digipak we have had to take a range of photographs to apply to the front, inside and back covers of the CD case, along with some for our website. As a group we have gone through all of the images that we have taken and placed them into three different tagged groups. The blue group was allocated as the ‘possible front CD case image’. Green was chosen as the ‘website/Back of the CD case image’ and the rest were left to one die to either having an issue with them or us not really liking the image. This process of sorting all of the images really helped us to simply identify which images we wanted to use and not.  At current we are producing a draft with IMG_1477 as our main image. Towards the end of the contact sheet, you will see a variety of different close ups, these include earrings and glasses. We plan to use these images on the merchandise section of the website and possibly the back cover.  Overall we were all very happy with the outcome of the shoot and found the images worked really well.


The progression of the Digipak involves the creation of new media, whether this be imagery or graphics. For this reasons we have been planning a photo shoot, in which we wish to capture the imagery required for not only our CD cover, but also imagery that we can incorporate into our Website. We have looked carefully at what imagery is used within the R&B genre, and have created this Production Meeting Agenda, in order to make sure that we correctly represent the genre and fulfil our ideas within the shoot.

Digipak Collage

Before creating our digipak’s it was very important for us to create ideas in a wide range of different ways. In order to create an effective looking digipak we created a hand made material based college to gather a wider range of colors and design idea’s. My final college can be found above this text. I have Incorporated a range of pastel colour tones along with some pieces of nature along the way. I have incorporated nature due to liking the look of the art Nouveau movement which is based off what nature does such as not having many straight lines. I have chosen a more free flowing styled collage as it will allow for each idea to flow better along with seeing how these different materials work with one another. Although I am interested in a free flowing design I am wanting some organisation within the front cover of the Digipak.