Shoot Evaluation (Narrative) – RESHOOT

As a group we were all very unhappy with the outcome of our first shoot. This meant that we had to do another shoot in order to create some quality imagery that works well for our narrative. Overall we are very happy with the result of this shoot. We felt more organised and ensured there was more planning and structure to it. We had a stronger creative vision for it and aimed for specific shots in order to create the atmosphere and story line we had envisioned.  One of the key reasons that this shoot happened to be so successful was due to the fact that Nicole had taken the time to learn, practice and rehearse the lyrics This made the shoot flow so successfully. Other aspects of the shoot such as the prop’s, costume were all as we expected and the environment was controlled meaning that we were less likely to run into any environmental/weather or lighting issues. We used the lecture theater as a scene because the area was empty and clean as well as the walls being white and empty. With this bare area we could add whatever we wanted. This is especially useful because it meant we could personalize the whole set and all of the attention in the scene would be on, our carefully selected, bathroom Acsessories 

We wanted to create a plot that the artist has just returned home from a night out, she is feeling lonely and nostalgic of her previous relationship, she recounts all of the faults and feels blessed she is now free from him/ “sober” of him. We feel like we successfully represented this in the scene using the bathroom props.

In the image above you can see our makeshift bathroom we have made. It took alot of time and effort but it looks really good.

Above is the bath we used in our shoot. We propped it up against some boxes  to make it look similar to a real bath in a real bathroom.

Here you can also see the cold water and roses we used to imply the love within our narrative.

Audience Ideologies

Below I have inserted our audience profile. We have created this to enable us to create a Digipak and website that is specific to our chosen genre of Contemporary R&B aswell as being one that is going to be a profitable product. Theorists such as Hall and Blumler & Katz have helped us with their ideas so that we can create the best product possible. Additionally we have included ideas relating to our target audience, and their identity as this will allow his to better cater to them when producing this product.


Music Video Draft 4

Below I have inserted our groups draft 4 video. Having used comments from students and staff, and upon review of draft 3 we have made some small changes to the video.

What We Have Changed

  • Certain clips within have been shortened to make the video shorter and to make it more interesting.
  • Some of the positioning of the clips within the sequences have been changed for it to make more sense.
  • Added in some more narrative shots, this has increased the variety of shots within the video.
  • We have started to experiment with a VHS filter, on shots from our narrative shoot, for this edit we have increased the noise to 50% and will be looking at how to add a timecode into these clips to make the authentic VHS look.

Peer Feedback

Our next draft will mainly include making some last little adjustments to try and complete the video. I have suggested that we should add some more VHS filter onto our video in other parts, this will give us the look we are going for which is that contemporary R&B genre.

Peer Feedback is an important part of the development of all of the media products we have produced throughout the course. Below is a video we filmed with some of our peers reacting to our 4th draft of the music video. Presenting the comments in this was allows for us to have more detailed comments and to talk about the improvements together as we watch the video.


Our main target for the next draft are the following;

  •  edit the VHS look and apply the timecode to each narrative section,
  • Colour correct some parts
  • Add Text at the start of the video giving the video a name and the credits

Specsavers Creative

As a Media class we were lucky enough to have a recent visit from two members of the creative team at Specsavers. One of the members names Lenny came over to our computer as we were having a group discussion and gave us a massive hand with some issues we had been having with our editing. He also gave us some more great idea’s for our next re-shoot.

He firstly showed us how to use Adjustment layers. This was a much more simple and effective way of editing our work. doing this process allowed for the whole look of the video change.

Another of the things that Lenny showed us was our file management as it was awfully organised. He showed us how to use ‘Bins’ that are located within Premier Pro. This has been super helpful in the short term and long term so we can easily find the different parts of video with the software.

Finally he showed us some shortcuts for different movements around the application, something I’m sure will be beneficial throughout the editing process and allow us to create the best product in the short amount of time left.

Below I have Embedded A YouTube video’s that has also been helpful.




Music Video Draft 3

We have now completed draft 3 of our Music Video. With the feedback we have been able to alter this version allowing us to improve our video further.

  • Firstly we have been able to go out and do some more shots. These have worked well as it has created contrast between the red and black dresses worn on each shoot.
  • Another change we made is the inclusion of the introduction song, and silence before the music starts, similar to the end this allows for the narrative to be introduced. It also allows for the song to start slowly, rather than shocking the audience straight into the viewing.
  • Small adjustments have also been made to make sure that the lips are central within the frame, and any awkward movements have been removed. Some of the longer shots have also been trimmed down so they are at a more suitable length now.

Another way to help us improve our product is by looking at Student Comments on our different drafts as they allow for us to be able to view other people around our similar age’s thoughts are on our music video. This external feedback means we can make a video that better fits the audience and the genre we have chosen to represent, below I have attached some of the comments that have kindly been left on our draft 3 video.

Using Student Comments along with reviewing and evaluating this draft we are now able to improve the video further for out 4th Draft. One of the key changes that we are going to make to improve the video is to add in some different filters to create a wider separation between the narrative and performance aspects of the music video. We have also spoke about adding text to the start of the video to name the song and to put our names onto the video, This is a common trend that features in most music video’s. Other small changes will include the positioning of clips meaning the video will constantly be edited.



Feedback From Teacher

To be able to create the best music video that we are capable of creating it is very important that we are able to receive a wide range of feedback from different groups of people to get a range of advice and preferences. Our teacher is also a great person to receive feedback from so below I have incerted a screencastify on which Miss Hales has commented on with, on our music video. This has allowed myself and my group to summarize what she has advised us to do.

Feedback Summary:

  • Miss mentioned how she liked the intro and outro included in our video. She also said that we should remove the jittery zoom in and out from this section, as it made the scene very long.
  • She also mentioned to start with a clip of Nicoles face to establish who the main star is.
  • She mentioned that we should try to increase the shot variety within the start of the video, and to use all 3 of the different settings.
  • As for the edit she said she liked the focus pulls, and suggests for us to use some push ins to make it more interesting to watch. And for us to try change shot distances on the cuts.
  • We have also been advised to  remove any awkward movements.
  • Use all of our shots to create a wider range of variety within the video
  • In this edit we hadn’t included our filters yet and this is something that she thinks would be really good to use as it allows that separation between the narrative and performance to be more noticeable.
  • Finally miss mentioned about the timing of our edit and that we should try to make sure we either consistent edit on the beat, or make sure that we follow our edit through the whole beat. (have a more regular timing for changing the different shots.

Narrative Storyboard

To be able to create an awesome narrative it was key that we were able to jot our ideas down and create a simple, clear and easy to follow story line. This allowed for us to create our ‘Narrative storyboard’ that you can clearly see displayed below. We created the text on a word document to everyone had access to it within school our and afterwards, This allowed us to be more time efficient.

within our storyboard, it has detailed boxes for different frames, with information about shots and income the editing that will help provide this narrative. Doing this has massively helped us with being more prepared when doing the actual shoot as we will be fully aware of what shots, angles and frames that we will have to do. It is music video specific to include a coherent narrative therefore we will create a product which maintains its genre along with becoming as professional as possible.

Overall creating this narrative storyboard has been a great success for these following reasons; 

  • allowing everyone to get idea’s across
  • Being more organised
  • creating a story line
  • helping us decide what angles, shots and frames we need 


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Self Assessment

After watching this draft I am very happy with the outcome. I like the editing style we have chosen and feel that it represents the genre well for a second draft, I also think that the way in which we have been able to incorporate the narrative and performance has worked well, and our use of B-roll has given the video a very finished look. I can also see a wide range of shots which I’m a huge fan off.  Mise en Scene is also something that I think we have coordinated really well in Draft. Inclusion of more narrative within drafts 3 and 4 will allows for more Mise On Scene to be included and for the video to provide a real feel for the genre.

Targets For Improvements

  • Filters – Throughout the development of our narrative we have said we will use a filter, to create separation between the narrative and performance, this is something we haven’t been able to include within this first narrative draft and is therefore something we will be looking to use in the subsequent edits.
  • Editing speed – although I feel the edit has progressed well within draft 2, one noticeable factor, is the editing speed. Currently the edit starts very quick, then slows and gathers speed at the end. To improve upon this I will be looking to make the speed consistently grow, with a more progressive opening and a constant speed within the middle of the video.
  • Storyline Aspect – At the moment I feel like the story line isn’t prominent enough within the video. I feel like with the change up with the new filters and the speed of editing will help this come along and will therefore make the video make more sense.

Narrative Development

Our planning is super important, as it allows for us to achieve the narrative we want for our music video. We can use this sheet the analysis the different aspects of the narrative, and their role within creating it. we can separate out the different theoretical ideas, including conflicts and resolutions, to create a narrative that represent the ideas we have leant about.


Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Below I have inserted our first music video draft. This includes all of performance shoot shots within.

Self Assessment

Above is our first music video draft that we have created. Seeming that it is our first video draft that we have completed together I am quite happy with the outcome.  Doing this group edit allowed us all to edit in our own ways in one video and meant we were able to create a first draft outcome that we are all happy with. Having edited and watched the first draft we have decided that there is too little variety, this is manly down to two reasons a lack of narrative footage and limiting performance shots. I currently believe that this current version of the video doesn’t particularly represent a music video however it has a lot of potential for the future drafts.

By creating a video of our performance shots it has helped to establish the narrative shots we need to obtain as well as at which points these may fit In to the video. Looking at this edit I think that one part that worked really well was the fast paced editing as that is something that is genre specific in terms of being a trend along with something that works very well with the song. I believe that one thing that would have improved this draft would be to include a wider range of camera angles and amount of zoomed shots. The pace and timing of the editing work really well with the footage that we have however it could also be improved. In Our up and coming drafts we will incorporate more effects and use the tools within primer pro to create a more professional looking video.

Overall I feel confident with this draft and I can clearly see there is plenty of room for improvement in the future which I am looking forward to see and edit.


As this is only a early draft there are plenty of places within the video that in need of some improvements.

  • Having a performance shoot completed
  • Improved Mise en scene – To convey the star image
  • Have a wider range of footage – Include extreme long shots and extreme close ups
  • Include some different after effects in Premier Pro such as a VHS tape effect and some purposeful grain