Shoot Reflection (Performance)

We recently filmed some of our performance shots within the white photography studio. This was our first shoot for our  actual music video and although we initially thought it was successful upon looking and going over our thought on the footage we have all decided it would be best to re shoot the work. The reasons that we have decided to re shoot are as followed:

  • Noise- Lots of the shots we have although well framed and lit have a lot of ISO noise something that has become increasingly noticeable when editing the videos.
  • Moving shots – Our static shots worked really well and came out very well however when we tried to do some movement shots they were too shaky and not at the quality we wanted.

As we have mainly ruled out most of the shots from this shoot we have definitely  learnt a number of things that will help us in our next shoots in terms of camera settings and techniques used. There are a range of positives from this shoot:

  • Lip Syncing- This shoot has given Nicole a chance to practice the lyrics and her lip syncing.
  • Framing shots- Generally we have found that our shots have been framed well, and if it wasn’t for the poor lighting and post camera settings the shots would have been fine.
  • Variety of angles and lengths- we managed to get a range of angles and shots which look really good as it allows our video to have a range within it and a larger amount of contrast between the performance shots.

So that we don’t have to re shoot again in the future we are going to check out lighting and camera settings. These were the two biggest factors that meant that this shoot was not successful unfortunately.  I also believe that we need to check with each other to see what we think of the framing and settings on the camera that way we will be less likely to have issues in the future.

Above I have inserted some screenshots of the edit. These pictures clearly show the different stages of our editing process for our performance shoot.

Initial ideas and pitch for my music video

Picking the song for our music videos has been a long process, listening to a range of different songs within a range of genres to find the song which I would like to use as my music video. I have been listening carefully to the lyrics and thinking of a possible narrative that would be ideal for the song. After a lot of research and Thinking behind it I have decided to show my group the song ‘Only Once Or Twice’ This is a relaxing, lyrical song with tons of meaning behind it. I feel like this is the ideal song as it would be easy to create a story line for it.

The pitch below includes all of my ideas and thoughts behind what I think about this song as a possible song choice for my music video group.

Genre Conventions Analysis

Here is our chef styled video describing the Repertoire of elements that are required to make our music video narrative fit our chosen genre of Contemporary R&B – within this video we talk about the features that should be present including personality and style. It is important the narrative accurately represents both the genre and the song in order for it to be a great music video. Within these ‘ingredients’ / repertoire of elements we should include mise-en-scene, setting, narrative, setting, themes, props, narrative and iconography.

What we should be careful with.

  • We should watch the amount of MES Used within our video, this is key as if there is too much the video may become very overpowering and if there isn’t enough then the video will not convey the correct meaning.
  • As a group we need to be able to create a star image that a range of different audiences will be able to understand. This is simply so that the star image doesn’t distract the genre.


Production Meeting Agenda for Narrative Shoot

Below I have inserted our Product Meeting Agenda. Creating this allows everybody in the group to communicate their ideas and other information clearly and in a manor which can be shared with staff and actors. In our PMA’s we have included details about costumes and props as-well as who is responsible for each part. Using a PMA allows for us to try and get the best results on the day and not have to re shoot again!

Risk Assessment

Ahead of our shoot on Thursday 20th of June we have filled in this risk assessment. Risk assessments allow for all parties involved in our shoot to know what risks might occur and how we have prepared for these. Similarly it has details on who is with us on shoot and where we are located.

Song Short List

As part of our group music video project we have each individually completed a pitch for a song which would like to use for our team music video. within each pitch there are a range of mood boards, word clouds, narrative and performance ideas, including Mise en scene, Star image and location ideas. Doing this has allowed for us as a group to decide which song we like the most and what ideas we are keen on. Overall looking at all of these pitches will make us decide on a song to kick start out music video into action.

Above is my own music video choice and idea, I chose this song due to the diverse nature of the songs with its unique genre and vocal ranges. The song would allow us to create a very strong narrative due to the lyrics and a strong and powerful performance. I decided on using some black and white shots within the performance if we were to use this song as it would give it some very good contrast that you could blend along with the more quiet and slow parts of the song.

Nicole’s song choice and pitch of ‘Sober’ by Mahalia is located above. This song would be located within the genre group of R & B with its deep and relaxing vibe. The narrative Idea behind the song was to follow the single female character, who is facing relationship issues with a former partner.

Nicole suggested that we could use hued lighting and a vintage car for the performance part, which as a group we agreed was a very good feature of the pitch. The narrative would then continue with sunbeds, pools and flowers all being involved to create a very summery video. Overall this pitch includes some very good ideas for Mise en Scene and the narrative within.

Above is Harry’s song choice and pitch.  As you can see the song choice that he decided on was ‘The Mother We share’ By CHVRCHE. Harry had a simple but effective idea when it came down to the performance and narrative of his video as he wanted a 50/50 split between the two.  Harry came up with the idea of having a fast passed edit to match along with the music. This was something that as a group we decided was a good idea to take forward.



Test Shoots

As a group we have created a detailed Visual Shot List. Doing this task has been very helpful as it has allowed us to test and practice a range of different shots as this will allow use to make decisions on whether or not them within our actual music video.

Within this shoot we shot four different frames that included a range of distances, angles and movements. This was enough footage to create a short and interesting 20 second video which includes our chosen song choice.  Doing this task has also allowed for us to practice and use the camera along with using the editing software. Along with that, this shoot helped our music video star to practice her lip syncing and performing in front of the camera.

Positive Points

  • Lip Syncing/ Performance – Within Nicole’s performance there is a good level of her mouth moving and looking realistic and not looking fake or put on. This is something that seems to come very natural to Nicole within her acting/performing which is great for out music video.
  • Mirror Shot- Allows the use of depth of field, as-well as providing a different perspective. We will be able to use this shot within our music video to show the performer and setting. This also makes the rooms feel larger and more spacious
  • Having fast paced edits towards the end of the edit – This allowed us to beat match the the song with the editing and the different frames, Overall this made the video much more engaging for the audience.
  • Lighting – The lighting in all of the shots was really good and created some very good and clear video footage.

Negative Point

  • Exposure- Although the majority of the shots within the video are well exposed, we did manage to have a range of shots that couldn’t use because they were underexposed. If this were to happen on a proper shoot it would mean that we can’t use that piece of footage. This mistake has reminded us to check exposure and test the frame before shooting. This will also remind us to check all the camera setting to make sure this doesn’t occur again.


Risk Assessment

Below is the Risk Assessment that we filled in as a group for our up and coming shoot on the 17th of May. This is a necessary part of a shoot and must be completed before every shoot day. Doing this has also meant that we can decide where to go on shoot without an issue occurring.  Completing this sheet has also helped us to be organised as we now have detailed information on where we are going.