This is draft 2 of our website, we have made a variety of changes since last time and with the help of the teacher feedback we have received we are now close to completing this product.

Feedback from Teacher

  • She has highlighted that the main cover image is very architectural and doesn’t quite fit the genre or our star.
  • Commenting on the layout she has said that the navigation works well.
  • There is a blank section in this draft, she has suggested the inclusion of some articles in here, to finish the page.
  • she has said that the basic structure and colour scheme work well
  • We are yet too insert our video, however this will be locked in one of the available video blocs which we have within the site.
  • She has seen the store works well, and is happy with the current selection of products.

Targets for improvement

  • Additionally we need to include our music video draft 5 and current Digipak into the site, however  we currently have plenty of space to do this.
  • We need to incorporate some more fitting imagery, including the top banner image and throughout the pages.
  • Using the colour palette and imagery from the music video, we hope to create more of a star image within the site, this could include more representation of the rose flower and star imagery.
  • Discography is something we are needing to include as a current we have a mature of professional  and home made album covers on display within the site.