Timeline and Marketing Ideas

Leading up to the creation of our social media page, we have been doing research into the technical conventions which a social media page should include. To do this, we’ve been looking at Instagram and Facebook pages of artists within our genre. This research has given us an insight to the kind of content they post and how they interact with their audience. Sandbox has also been useful on giving us ideas on the marketing strategies we could take with our social media page.

Marketing Strategies

Using Sandbox case studies, I have researched 3 ideas that we could use in our own marketing promotion.

Case Study 1

Lewis Capaldi, with dedication to his online presence and personal brand, and their success in engaging his audience throughout it all. The campaign included global competitions that called for action of fans to submit their cover of ‘bruises’ with original hashtag #CountingDaysWithLewis, campaigns with TikTok such as #findinglewis, drawing challenges, merchandise videos, GIFs and working with brands such as LADBible and UniDays to supply exclusive content.

Case Study 2

Charli XCX album campaign utilised her dedicated fan base to its full potential. The main feature that stands out with Charli’s online presence is the expression of herself online – she is unafraid to be open about her views on cultural relevance which makes her important, relatable and aspirational. Day-to-day content was maintained during this campaign which drove fan interactions. The album was also visually important, with animations and 3D designs used to promote each song and the tour.

Caste Study 3

Little Simz was awarded the ‘best use of instagram’ by Sandbox. Her campaign was creative and the end goal was to build a large but diverse and deeply engaged community of fans. With creative consistency, Little Simz herself design the artwork for the album, including the digital clues that dropped ahead of her album release. A week before the album drop, track names were released through Instagram Stickers.

Our Timeline

We have now created a timeline of what we would like our social media page for Ronan Blu to look like. We have included a variety of content that will hopefully meet all the needs of the audience; personal identity, entertainment, social interaction and information. Some examples of content we have planned areĀ teasers for the music video and album which will hopefully engage the audience and also some call to action posts such as giveaways which will encourage the audience to interact with the star. We also want to include some casual posts so that the audience can see that the star is ordinary yet extraordinary.

Here is the list of posts:

  1. Puppy dog release date
  2. Promotion Post (24 hour countdown)
  3. Video launch (IGTV)
  4. BTS
  5. Album launch (info on where to stream)
  6. Merch post (info on where to buy)
  7. Charity post (20% of profit from Puppy Dog going to RSPCA)
  8. Life post (film pictures from summer)
  9. Tour post (link, tour dates, giveaway)
  10. Life post (cool edited photo expressing creative identity)
  11. Album post (first 100 orders will receive free gift)
  12. Lift post (update, “stay safe”)

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