Preliminary Continuity Task 1

We worked in groups to film and edit our first video, called ‘Present Face’, to help us get used to using the hardware and software. In this video, we used camera techniques like shot reverse shot, match on action, close ups and mid shots.

One of the most important thing we had to be conscious of during the filming of this video was to follow the 180 degree rule to prevent the actors from swapping sides on the screen and confusing the audience. We also had to make sure that the clips were edited with the use of continuity editing which is sequencing individual shots into something that makes sense to an audience and has to be in chronological order which follows the story of the script in the order it was intended.

When editing, we had to learnt to use techniques such as the split tool to cut a video into two, allowing us to delete parts of a video and keep the bits we want. By doing this, I was able to create a match on action where we cut from one shot of our actor walking out the room to another view that match the first shot’s action of her walking out from a different angle. Additionally, we learnt to use a text effect as the title of our video and a fade out effect at the end to prevent the ending from stopping abruptly.

If I were to do this project again I would add in more reaction shots to show the reactions and emotions of the actor listening to the one speaking. This would allow the audience to empathize with my characters better and create a greater feeling of immersion. Furthermore, I would make sure my lighting was brighter and more crisp as the video came out to be a bit grainy from the dark lighting.


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