Prelim Task 2- Tell A Story

For prelim 2, we had to create a story with no dialogue and film and edit it to make a short film that tells the story we had created. Me and my partner decided on a story called ‘glitter card’ where the boy pranks a girl by giving her a card that she at first is pleased about but however is full of glitter and gives her a fright once she opens it. The technical assessment for this was:

1. Holding a shot steady
2. Framing a shot
3. (Shooting a) variety of shot distances

Things I Did Well:

  • Used close ups of the reactions of the actors
  • Told a continuous story that makes narrative sense
  • Stuck to the 180 degrees rule

Thing I Need To Improve Upon:

  • Take a wider variety of action and reaction shots from different angles and distances to allow me to cut more to give more variety and interest into an exciting and well structured narrative
  • Keep a constant lighting as it changes half way through
  • Keep the camera running for a few seconds after the take is over as turning it off causes the screen to shake a bit

To get ideas for our short film, we created a storyboard using post it notes so we could change up the order of scenes as we made it. Doing this allowed us to plan out each of the shots we were going to take, describe what camera techniques would be used for those shots, and make sure that the film makes narrative sense to the audience.

I feel that with this storyboard we could have gone into more detail to allow the filming to have gone more smoothly by putting in more shots of different angles of the same actions to create a more exciting narrative.

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