Narrative Arc Stop Motion

To help us have an idea of how a narrative structure is put together, we made a stop motion video on ‘Lost and Found’ to show the conflict in narrative.


  • Does it fulfill the traditional narrative structure?

A typical narrative structure generally follows the idea of what the theorist Todorov says about narratives and includes equilibrium, disruption, climax, revelation, then finally equilibrium again. Our stop motion animation loosely follows this in the sense that there is equilibrium at the beginning where the two friends are together, then there is disruption when the octopus goes missing which then is resolved when the girl finds her octopus and equilibrium is shown again. A problem about our video however is that there isn’t much to differentiate the climax and the resolution making the story blur the lines of this narrative structure in places.

  • Do the characters fulfill conventional character types?

Propp was a structuralist who understood narrative through the characters and their roles which usually includes the protagonist, the antagonist, the helpers, the princess (heroine), the dispatcher and the donor. My video only included two of these roles, as I only had two characters, which is the protagonist being the little girl who has to find her lost octopus and the octopus is like the princess who is the reward for the protagonist finding it.

  • Are there binary oppositions?

This video includes the binary oppositions that were developed by Claude Levi-Strauss of lost and found where the protagonist (the little girl) has to go on an adventure to find her lost octopus which she eventually finds. Levi-Strauss discovered that you need to explore conflicts and resolution to understand more fully the theme or message that the story is trying to communicate.

  • Explain how Music Video narratives can differ from these conventional ideas

Our music video’s narrative may differ from this traditional narrative structure as it will not necessarily have a chronological timeline and may not have a distinct ending so make the video repeatable so the audience will want to watch it again. As there is only a short amount of time in a music video to tell a story, it will only be able to include snippets of the story meaning it can be quite hard to follow and will be intriguing to the audience.

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