Website Draft 1

Here are screenshots of the first draft of our website. We have used images that we took during the filming of our music video and a website template from Wix.

Self Assessment According to Mark Scheme

  • Combining images, text, sound and video. Using ICT to combine multimedia material. The integration of multimedia content.
    The integration of multimedia images, video, text and links are present but not widely used. Images from the video are used however there is a lack of images from the digipak. The use of ICT is shown but some of the fonts used don’t represent the band well and are not representative of the genre, hindering how the star image is shown. Additionally, not all of the titles remain consistent and makes the website seem untidy.


  • Page layout/ design supports interaction. A call to action and brand.
    The layout of the pages operates well and occasionally allows the audience to interact with different buttons. There has been an attempt to communicate the brand through the use of headlines and captions to engage the audience to find our more information on these topics. A call to action is shown proficiently as there is a sign up board to receive their news letter on each page, a page to buy their merchandise and a page giving information on all the upcoming tour venues and dates.


  • A clear system of navigation.
    The navigation system works efficiently and is clear and simple for people to use. The home page is slightly lacking in information however and gives the user no detail on recent news other than the release of the album, not enticing them to learn more about key events.


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