Digipak Draft 3

Here is the third draft for my digipak. I have made a few changes to it, including the font and font colour on the front cover, the tint of the feathers on the inside pages, and have added some more feathers to the back to make the middle pages match slightly more. After creating this draft, I have then printed off the pages for the digipak and inserted them into a CD case to see how they all fit together and have asked my peers for feedback on the outcome.

Digipak In a CD Cover

Feedback From Peers

To see how this draft could be further improved, we have printed off sheets of paper for our peers to annotate, allowing for them to tell us what parts of it they like and dislike. This will make it easy for us to know what we need to focus on for our final draft as we know what exactly need improving.

Targets For Improvement

  • Could make the middle panes a more similar pattern to make it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Colours of the letters could be organised into a certain order
  • Middle pages could have a blue undertone to match them to the outside pages further
  • The photoshopping of some of the feathers is a bit messy in places and could be touched up
  • The inside and outside pages are very different

Audience Tally

After asking our peers for general feedback on our digipak, we wanted to know if the genre of alternative rock is conveyed strongly and if the star image we wanted is obvious to them, so have created a tally allowing people to answer these questions. Everyone that we asked believe that the genre was in fact alternative rock and the two adjectives that got the most votes to describe our digipak were rebellious and mysterious which was the kind of image that we were going for so we believe that the image we have created is reasonably successful.

After completing each of these tasks, we have decided that our future aims for the digipak will be to work on the targets for improvement that people gave us, such as improving the photoshopping on the feathers and colour of the inside pages. Since the genre and image of the digipak seems to be clear to our audience we don’t feel that we need to try and make those more obvious to them.


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