Audience Ideologies

When planning on how to design my digipak, I must make sure that I fully understand my target audience and what they are interested in. I should also learn about why they consume media and what their reasons for it are as the ‘Uses and Gratification’ theory from Blumler and Katz suggests that to be able to create the most successful media you must understand if people are looking for media for entertainment, information, social interaction or to personally identify with. Additionally, I must follow Hall’s ideas of ‘Reception Theory’ which suggests that the producers ideology must overlap with the audiences to allow them to decode my media in the way that I have encoded them to understand. To ensure that I could fulfill this, I created an audience profile on my general target audience and a person that I believe would be interested in my digipak and music video.

Music Video Draft 4

Here is the fourth draft for our music video. We have looked at the feedback that we had gotten for our previous draft from our peers and teacher and worked on a few things we believed that could possibly be improved upon.

What’s Changed:

  • We have added a few filters onto the narrative and performance
  • Fixed some of the lip syncing that was slightly out of time
  • Slowed down some of the narrative to make it feel more significant
  • Added another zoom at the beginning to create more of a pace to the song
  • Changed some of the blurry shots to different shots that we hadn’t used yet

Targets For Improvement:

  • The colour of the performance could be changed to make it more interesting by maybe adding a filter as it currently looks dull
  • ¬†Shot near the beginning is too fast
  • Movement shots keep going out of focus
  • Performance is over used and could be a clearer narrative
  • Rose shot of her destroying it looks weird
  • Doll looks weird
  • Some of the transitions could be improved upon

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

Some of the team from Specsavers came in and we got lots of different feedback on our videos as well as some answers to our questions. One of our main questions was how to colour correct our video as many of the shots had different lighting so got feedback on how to improve the colour in my video by using the ‘lumetri color’ feature. This allowed us to play with the overall colour of each of our shots by tweaking specific colours and adding filters over the top, allowing us to discover a way to make a more alternative outcome. We then inquired on how to make a split screen which would allow us to have multiple videos playing at once as we wanted to try adding a new effect. The team taught us that we could do this by inserting two different videos, cropping them to the size we wanted and resizing them to fit into the frame. The idea of doing this was to enable us to have a quirky feel to our video.

Advice Given To Us:

  • More jump cuts at the beginning to give it more rhythm and pace
  • Adjust the colouring to make it seem more edgy and mysterious
  • Narrative should be slowed down a bit at points to add increased emphasis to it
  • More close ups on what is going on in the narrative
  • Make her red lips even redder by playing with the colour
  • Have more frantic editing as she comes out of the box to show the importance of the moment

I then thought I should add some more interest to my video by creating different effects so I taught myself to do a glitch effect by using a YouTube tutorial which told me to stack videos on top of each other, turn down the opacity of one of the videos and then offset one slightly. I then used this effects as a running theme throughout my narrative.

Music Video – Draft 3

After taking into account the feedback we had gotten on the previous draft, we edited the video some more to make the star image, mise-en-scene and meta narrative as best as we could get it. The main changes that we made are giving it more of the glitchy ghosting effects within the narrative to create a mysterious vibe and we have changed the colouring of the yellow lighted shots. We also got rid of some of the blurry shots, stabilised a few of the movement shots and added in more clips where there was a shot that was too long.

Personal Targets:

  • Make the lighting/ filter is consistent (remember the adjustment layer)
  • Fix the bits at 2:20 and make her getting out the box more dramatic
  • Maybe try out the split screen thing and see if it looks alright?
  • Stabilise the wobbly shots!
  • Get rid of any blurry shots that are left
  • Make 2:36 onto 2:44 better
  • 2:54 until 3:00 is far too long a shot
  • Guitar shot at 3:16 goes on a bit much and is a bit blurry so make it shorter and put a better shot in its place

Peer Feedback and YouTube Comments:

Positive Feedback:

  • The transitions are on time and to the beat of the song
  • Continuity throughout with the narrative linking nicely with the performance
  • Represents the genre of alternative rock
  • Good use of colour and lighting to emphasise the rebellious nature of the song
  • Costumes fit the song and genre

Points for Improvement:

  • Could be more narrative and therefore can be a bit hard to understand
  • Lighting is yellow at some points (2:23) and too bright at 1:08
  • Singer out of sync at some sections of the video (2:55)
  • Not a good balance of performance and narrative



Feedback From Teacher

After completing the second draft of our music video which included narrative, our teacher gave us some feedback on how the video could be improved and told us ways that we could change the video to make the overall meta narrative come across stronger.

Positive Feedback:

  • Ghosting of the transitions between is nice
  • Tracking shots at the beginning moving around the band members works well
  • Lots of attention to detail with the artists playing their instruments
  • The fast cuts between the different band members at 00:53 are good
  • Cutting into close ups of her singing in the verses is interesting
  • Nice shot moving into the main singer at 3:04
  • The petals falling onto the doll is a good shot

Targets For Next Draft:

  • Need to do colour correcting on the band to make it look more edgy
  • Tracking shot across the floor at the beginning seems out of place and should be replaced by a shot that connects the viewer to the band more
  • Make sure the tracking shots and close ups are in focus (especially the ones on Tiegan)
  • Long shot of the band at 00:43 is a bit of a dull shot as there is no engagement with the main singer
  • Need to connect with the lead singer with a close up as she starts singing
  • The dolly into the close up at 1:26 has a lot of the background out of focus before actually getting to the star’s face
  • The medium long shot of the band at 1:30 is a bit too long
  • Make more of the moment where the star gets into the box either by slowing it down or flipping/ cropping some of the footage
  • More on the stars face to show her decisions to tell the narrative more clearly to the audience
  • Take more time with the shots of the star struggling in the box
  • More build up to her reveal from the box by adding another couple of shots of her
  • Increase the pace of the edit towards the end of the video
  • Could cut back to the narrative towards the end

Music Video – Draft 2 (With Narrative)

For the second draft of our music video we added in the narrative performance which included our star going through a transformation from innocent to rebellious as she gets in and out of a box.

Self Assessment

We have found that we have a good amount of narrative to tell our story in our video which is something we had been worried about getting right. We still feel we can improve the narrative however by adding more close ups on the star to create more intimacy but we are generally pleased and feel that we do not need to re shoot anything as we feel we have a wide enough variety of shots. One of our current favourite parts of the editing is the fade effects that we have given in between cuts in the slower parts as it matches the music well.

Targets For Improvement

  • Some of the close ups I have used on Tiegan’s face especially are blurry
  • The lighting is still inconsistent as some shots are darker or more yellow than others
  • The shot of the drummer at 1:03 does not fit too well with the music and could use another cut
  • We need to stabilize some of the movement shots to stop them from jolting around the screen and make the over all shot a bit smoother
  • We need more connection between the audience and the narrative female by using more close ups on her face and reactions


Shoot Evaluation – Narrative

For our narrative shoot we again wen to the drama studio as it had the plain black background that we were looking for and had more space than other places like the black or white studio so we were able to set up all our boxes and get medium long shots of the star being surrounded by them. We made sure to set up during the morning so we were prepared and got the model ready during lunch time to by the time it was the afternoon, when we were actually meant to carry out the shoot, we were fully prepared for the event.

Things That Went Well:

  • Our model had good mise-en-scene for her outfit which strongly represented the innocent side to her when she was in the white dress and the rebellious side to her when she got in her black outfit and leather jacket
  • The background turned out how we wanted it to be with a range of boxes and old fashioned travelling trunks
  • We planed for the shoot well and had the set ready well before our shoot as well as having the camera equipment ready and fully charged

Things We Could Have Done Better:

  • We needed to have gone into the shoot with a clearer plan in mind of what we wanted in the video as when we got in there we found it quite difficult, even with our storyboard, to think of things to film
  • The box that she got into was falling apart a bit and kept needing to be repaired throughout the shoot so we should have planned ahead a bit more and found a better one that was in better condition
  • The black board in the left of our shots that we put to hide the radiator kept getting in the way when we wanted to do long shots so meant we couldn’t zoom out too far


Risk Assessment For Narrative Shoot

As a part of our planning for our narrative shoot, we had to prepare ourselves to make sure that we will be safe on our shoot. This meant outlining the possible dangers and making sure that we make preparations to keep us as safe as possible. This means that we will ultimately be more productive in our shoot as we have already thought about the risks and can easily counter them.

Narrative Storyboard

To plan for our narrative shoot, we made a storyboard to include the details of what we will film and how the star will act in the scenes. This allowed for us to plan out a typical narrative structure that Todorov simplified which included an equilibrium, a disruption and then the resolution which creates a new equilibrium.

We first made a storyboard that outlined the main points we wanted to include so it only had nine post it notes which we could use as a small guide.

Then using the previous storyboard as a guide, we were able to make a more in depth storyboard that contains more shots and more detail such as what the star will be wearing and what the background will look like.

I then went into further detail about specific moments in the narrative that we thought would be the most important such as the star getting in the box.