Film Recap

How we study a film:

Example: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Doyle:

The context and macro analysis have been done for you below… your teacher will talk you through it:

Your Micro Analysis.

Remember TEAS:

  • Identify the term used to describe the micro technique.
  • Name a specific example from the sequence.
  • Analyse the meaning / impact for the spectator
  • Link the significance back to either the macro or context(s) identified in the slideshow above.

In pairs or threes, you will be in charge of one micro feature from the sequence.

  1. Cinematography
  2. Editing
  3. Sound & Music
  4. Mise-en-Scene
You should watch the sequence through at least three times:
  1. Once to get a feel for meaning / impact of the sequence as a whole.
  2. Once to identify the examples in your micro area and start your analysis of the meaning implied, suggested, encoded, signified…
  3. Once to check your examples and analysis and also to consider how those examples might link to the wider context or macro features.
The sequence:

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