Your Film Portfolio

Welcome to the last few weeks of Film IB.

It’s been quite a journey and Miss Hales and I have enjoyed working with you all for the last 18 months. However we have a bit of a covid lockdown hangover as we were unable, during the last academic year, to complete your Film Portfolio.

A reminder of what a final film portfolio should look like:
Film Portfolio
  1. A film reel (9 minutes maximum: 3 minutes maximum per film production role, including one completed film).
  2. Portfolio Pages (9 pages maximum: 3 pages maximum per film production role)
    • The portfolio pages should contain a table of contents and a list of the clips submitted to evidence each specific film production role (providing the timecode and a brief description for each clip on the film reel). These are excluded from the overall page count, as is the list of all sources used.
    • A list of all sources used, must submitted as the final (separate) page
The film production roles can be drawn from three of the following five:
  • Cinematographer
  • Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Director
  • Screenwriter

The final film in the portfolio must be a (maximum of three minute) complete film as opposed to mini tasks.

Dates and Deadlines

Mr G is required to upload your portfolios, as well as your textual analysis essay and comparative video essay on Friday 1st April

Mr G & Miss H need to moderate the portfolios prior to this and ensure that all your submissions are formatted correctly.

This means that your final deadline for the portfolio is:

Friday 25th March

Task 1

Review your film portfolio:

Please see task in Classroom

  1. Which role are you submitting your horror film in?
  2. Which two other roles will you submit for the first two sections:
  3. Identify which task(s) you need to complete in order to finalise your portfolio.
Task 2
  1. Review the formatting rules for each of the units and amend documents/videos accordingly

Please see the rules on formatting here.

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