A Great Video Essay

The Assessment Criteria Lessons from the Screenplay What is so great about it? Allows the movie to ‘talk’. Treats each movie in the same way. Is structured to allow comparison Using captions to emphasis key ideas. Reuses those captions in order clarify Is clearly spoken – about 2500 words for 15 minutes! Uses film language… Read more A Great Video Essay

Video Essay Research

Watch a range of video essays from the following channels, for two reasons: Gather secondary research about your macro area / research focus. Understand what a professional standard video essay looks like and get some tips for editing Here are our recommended channels: Task: find at least one video which contains some useful secondary research… Read more Video Essay Research

Film Theory

Task: Research one of the following film theories: Audience Reception Theory Feminist Film Theory Formalism Theory Genre Theory Marxist Film Theory Masculinity Theory Realism Film Theory Star Theory Postmodern Film Find a short definition, in simple terms, that sums up the theoretical approach. Name at least one important theorist. List the key terms used in… Read more Film Theory