Foley. Diegetic Sound

Inquiry An Illustration of Foley Foley Explained Using Film Maker IQ video above explain purpose and process of Foley sound in 3-5 bullet points in the inquiry section of your portfolio page. Action – Task Creative Intention: To record Foley sound for a short sequence in order to create a soundscape that adds a sinister and scary atmosphere.… Read more Foley. Diegetic Sound

Lighting and Colour

Inquiry Lighting Three Point Lighting in a Studio. Roger Deakins on Light Colour as Metaphor Portfolio Page Inquiry Describe the setup and function of the three point lighting system. High-key lighting Low-key lighting Expressive colour Describe some of the techniques that gaffers and best boys use to ‘paint with light’: Flags Gobos Diffusers Reflectors Coloured… Read more Lighting and Colour

Editing & Meaning

Editing, the connectives in Film Language Think of cut as connectives in a sentence…. …so, and, then, but, however, meanwhile… How then does does editing create meaning if it’s just simple links in the film? Well first of all, the cut constructs meaning in the minds of the audience. Introducing……The Kuleshov Effect Inquiry Understand the… Read more Editing & Meaning

Cinematography 101

How can a film camera make meaning? Visual Glossary of Basic Camera Techniques The Best Shots of All Time Part 1. A great commentary on some amazing shots and the meaning that they create. Task – Complete for Independent Study Using Google slides, create a slide for each different framing technique described this video and… Read more Cinematography 101

Join We Video

You are going to edit your basic cinematography edit in WeVideo To get on WeVideo: Sign up for a free account using your school Google account. Click on the sign up with Google icon and confirm using your school Gmail. To upgrade to a full account you will need to follow this link. You will… Read more Join We Video

Film Portfolio

Your Submission The Film Portfolio is a submission for all HL & SL students and comprises of: A film reel (9 minutes maximum: 3 minutes maximum per film production role, including one completed film). Portfolio Pages (9 pages maximum: 3 pages maximum per film production role) A list of all sources used, must submitted as… Read more Film Portfolio