Archetypes in Film (Heroes and Villains)

Archetypes in literature are fundamental or prototypical characters that are used in stories. They have recurred in literature and art since the earliest writing. “They personify universal patterns of human behaviour.” Film uses and reuses archetypes in various forms and with varying degrees of nuance, between realism and hyperbole. In this exploration of Batman the… Read more Archetypes in Film (Heroes and Villains)

Watch The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight (2008) Nolan Is our next study text. Please make sure you have watched the entire film ahead of our study which starts during the week beginning 23rd November. There are several copies in the library or you can watch the movie here:


Terms to Learn Production Design, Connote, Suggest, Implies… Film is a visual art and a key bit of advice to all screenwriters and directors is… ‘Show, don’t tell!’ MISE-EN-SCENE Mise-en-scene refers to anything that the director chooses to put in the frame and is a key way in which they can ‘show’ the story. Every… Read more Mise-en-Scene