Final Batman Essay

Batman Essay

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  • Relationship to whole film 5/8 Film elements – 9/12 Cultural context 6/8.
  • Avoid starting essays with this sort of statement. Be bold make a strong statement about the criticisms of Batman.
  • Use quotation when you are actually quoting something from a source, not the source itself.
  • Really great use of sources and I am really pleased to see you using terminology so effectively. There are moments when I think you could have developed some of the cultural context and links to whole film. Specific some of the specific acts of the US government and compare to the actions of Batman. Also, whilst you discuss alternative superheros, you could have been more explicit in terms of the genre / morally simplistic narratives of those films / characters. Really good work and a significant improvement from the last textual analysis essay.

This feedback is very useful as it will help me when planning my next essay, and to improve and add information which will improve the essay as a whole.

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