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Batman is a controversial superhero as he has some qualities of a superhero, however his choices, identity and image prevent him from being a superhero such as Superman or Captain America. Batman:

  • Has an alter ego similar to many superheroes like Wonder Woman’s Diana Prince or Spiderman’s Peter Parker, however Batman’s alter ego is different in that he is not an unknown student or untraceable like Diana Prince, he is exposed in the public eye which is very dangerous when it comes to people finding out his identity.
  • Has weaknesses like any other superhero, for example Superman’s weakness is kryptonite, and Luke Cage has adamantium – Batman’s weaknesses come from his ability to be mortally wounded, and his inability to break his moral code – he forbids himself to kill anyone as it is against his morals.
  • He makes a sacrifice that most superheroes find it impossible to make – he sacrifices himself and his happiness for the sake of Gotham City, which stops him from being viewed by the public as a hero, but is a heroic act nonetheless.

Batman is both a superhero and not a superhero. He does fit some of the superhero archetypes, however tends to change the way the audience interprets these elements. Batman as a superhero seems to redefine what it means to be a superhero – Batman is heroic in his actions, yet is seen as a villain because of them, but this does not make him any lees of a hero.

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