Textual Analysis in The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight – Mob scene

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The representation of the Joker in this scene is very important as it sets the scene for the rest of the film – this is our first scene of the Joker in the Dark Knight. This is also important to note as the way the Joker is shot in this scene will give the audience an insight into the character of the Joker. Firstly, the lighting in this scene instantly creates a sinister atmosphere – the dark corners of the room, the artificial lighting, the light and shadows on the metal cabinets behind the Joker – they all give a distinctly twisted feel to the scene, which links to the Joker as he is the one closest to the majority of these surroundings, creating both a sense of unease and a sense of distinction. What makes the Joker stand out even more is the effect the lighting has on his costume in comparison to the mob bosses – the Joker’s green and purple suit and makeup catch the audience’s attention instantly. Secondly, the composition and angles add an interesting feel to the scene, with the low angles giving the Joker a sense of power, as well as symmetry and depth of field creating a scene which is both interesting and creates a sense of chaos surrounding the character of the Joker.

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