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Batman Genre Analysis

Repertoire of Elements

Genre Analysis – Similarities and Differences

  • Setting – often set in a city, usually New York, where action takes place or character lives.
  • Death – a character who the main character is close to dies, usually at the start of the film or in the character’s backstory.
  • Good vs Evil – in Batman’s case this is good vs evil and order vs chaos, as Batman works out through the film that the Joker does not want any specific thing, just to cause chaos and ‘watch the world burn’.
  • The Girl – in most superhero films, the main incentive in the final battle against the antagonist is the hero’s love interest – in Batman’s case the girl, Rachel, is killed in the second half of the film.
  • Other worlds – Batman does not include and other-worldly battles or scenes of any kind, which is common in superhero films, and features a very human antagonist, which a lot of superhero films don’t have, as the antagonist is often from another planet.
  • Bruce Wayne – the protagonist does not have any incredible powers, like super intelligence, super strength or the ability to fly, and was not different from birth, he is simply a billionaire with a traumatic childhood.

Genre Analysis of Pan’s Labyrinth

Class Analysis of how far Pan’s Labyrinth fits the Fantasy Genre

Reflection on Genre Analysis


  •  There are clear tasks and quests that Ofelia is sent on which are similar to typical fantasy movies, like the Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings series.
  •  The Iconography used throughout the film is typical of a movie in the fantasy genre, such as daggers, the mandrake plant and the creatures like the fairies and the Faun.
  • The Locations commonly used in fantasy genre films, like an evil character’s lair, a mysterious forest and very gothic hallways are used in Pan’s Labyrinth in the Pale Man’s lair, the corridor leading to him, and the forest with the tree inhabited by the giant toad.
  • There are Conflicts and Themes which cross over with conventional fantasy genre films, like the main character having to make a sacrifice (in Ofelia’s case, sacrificing her life for her baby brother), and a level of disobedience in the main character.
  • The main character faces an evil force throughout the film, which seems to grow in power or get more dangerous as the film progresses.


  • In Pan’s Labyrinth there is a strong War element, which is not common in conventional fantasy films, which also incorporates a more prominent level of violence, and violence which is more realistic.
  • In typical fantasy films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Shrek, there is usually a guardian character, who gives the main character useful information and guidance throughout the film, however in Pan’s Labyrinth, Faun, the guardian character, seems untrustworthy, and we as an audience do not know if he is good or evil, as he consistently gets angry at Ofelia and refuses to help her, but also is willing to help her in the first place.
  • In the majority of fantasy films, once the main character has completed their quest and defeated the evil force that has been threatening them, they live happily ever after, only scarred by the memories of what has happened. However, in Pan’s Labyrinth, the main character, Ofelia, dies at end, having been shot by the main antagonist – her father, Captain Vidal.

My Genre Poster


War-related Trailer (Dunkirk, 2017) :

Genre Poster:

The elements in our poster include a fight scene between two aircraft mid-air, a battle between two sides on the ground, and tanks being used to fire ammunition. All of these elements are relevant to war and are commonly used in War Films, for example Dunkirk. MACRO features such as genre, the look of the film, and events in the film are all portrayed in the poster, as the majority of war films include explosions and scenes of battle.

The key elements of the story in a War film include things like the sense of brotherhood, a sense of sacrifice and a feeling of brutality throughout. There are also elements that are very important in the story in many war films, like the futility and inhumanity of war, moral issues raised by it, an camaraderie (and lack of it) between soldiers.