So… I’m Ready to Make Some Media

Throughout the first part of the term, I have learnt a huge range of new skills and techniques which have and will, aid my production work.

To begin with, we learnt all about mise-en-scene and why it is important to all media; costume, lighting, acting, makeup and hair and setting (CLAMPS) are fundamental in conveying moods and messages to audience. Secondly, we found out about camera angle, composition and distance as well as how and why we adjust aperture and shutter speed. This lead us to explore different types of shots for example canted, master shot and high angle, all of which form various denotations and connotations.

We then discussed conventions of different genres as well as the demographics and psychographics of particular audiences for the multiple genres; this helped us into identifying target audiences and therefore allowing us to create work for particular people. Moreover, by looking into these design features and conventions, I have learnt about all the aspects of different genres as well as what is expected of text types. For example a magazine front cover should have pugs, plugs, a main cover line and insets, whilst the rock genre are most likely to have a dark colour palette and bold text. these tasks will enable to to identify what features I must include in my own work. This After this, we were taught the basics on Photoshop and InDesign to prepare us for our future production work.


To conclude, I am going to use all of the skills I have acquired in order to create sophisticated and skilful media.



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