So… I am Ready to Photograph My Star

After a number of weeks of research and experimentation, I now feel I am ready to photograph my star. We have researched into mise-en scene and camera distance, angles and composition, which has been extremely useful in developing ideas for my music magazine. Without this knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to determine what conventions are needed of my indie pop genre which I have used to create my main cover star. 

Previous to this knowledge, we have learnt a number of new skills and theories; for example the Richard Dyer Theory. This is named ‘The Paradox of the Star’ which explains that a star should be both ordinary but extraordinary and simultaneously present yet absent. An example of this could be they go to an ordinary shop yet have extraordinary talent; additionally they could be present on social media but absent at concerts because you aren’t close to them. This helped me understand that the media constructs ideologies and metanarratives surrounding stars which develops their ‘star image’. Moreover, this will help me develop my own star and create the perception I want people to have of them.

We also learnt how to use flash lighting in the studio alongside the normal lights and adjust them to take the best images. This will aid me in taking the best image for my main cover star.

Additionally, we researched what stars of our genre should look like, I created my indie pop moodboard which greatly influenced my final costume design.

In conclusion, I now feel confident enough to photograph my star.



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