Design Skills 1

During the creation process of my music magazine I have discovered new features to interpret my images and text on InDesign and Photoshop.

To begin, here is the tools I used on Photoshop to manipulate my image for my contents page.

  • Above is an example of the spot healing tool (which looks a bit like an odd suitcase) which I used smooth out my model’s skin. 
  • Here is an example of how I used the dodge tool; it allowed me to emphasise both the highlights and shadows in my image. Additionally, the history in the top right ensured I could return any mistakes I had made by clicking on the action taken before the mistake.

  • Again, I used the dodge tool to lighten the nose and any dark areas in my image. I also used PicsArt app to put a filter on my image.

I then used InDesign to begin the creation of the format of my contents page.

  • On InDesign I had to place the image uploaded from my D drive as well as having to create text boxes using the ‘T’ on the tool bar.

  • To adjust images I had to double click to make the yellow box appear which helps resize the image and hold shift to keep it in proportion. A single click will make the blue box appear which allows you to move images and text boxes and cut parts off without deletion.

  • Here I changed the colour of the text using the coloured T on the top tool bar; I also adjusted the pacing between each letter using the VA section and added slant by increasing the T. Additionally, I put a different colour outline by using the outlined T tool as well as layering the text to give a 3D effect by creating a copy of the text and changing the colour.

This all helped me in creating a more appealing and professional image and contents page.

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