Draft 6

Please click on the images above to view my updated front cover, contents page and double page spread.

Here you can see I have altered my magazine quite a lot; changes I made on my front cover are:

  • I added a main cover line as well as changing the layout of some of my text.
  • I made my pug smaller and therefore the text within it.

Contents page changes:

  • I changed the subtitle colours for contrast however I may need to change it back for legibility.

DPS Changes:

  • I moved the background image to ensure the fold was not near my model’s face.
  • I also altered the ‘Jude Robins’ text to try centre the flower detail.

I need to make sure to add a byline onto this page to make it more conventional of a double page spread.



  • make pug smaller on front page
  • add a byline



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