So how did it go?

Now that Component 1 is complete, I feel ready and set for the future aspects of this course. Throughout this component, I have gained a huge amount of new skills that will aid me in the upcoming tasks, for example I was introduced to Premiere Pro, InDesign, Photoshop and Edublogs. I know there is so much more to learn on each of these programmes but this component enabled me to master the basics.

With ‘Iris’ being my final product (which can be found on the HOME PAGE) , I am extremely pleased with the outcome considering the journey I have been on with this magazine. I have been able to improve my research and evaluation of both my own and peer’s work; as well as having the ability to interpret texts in denotative and connotative ways- broadening my understanding of all media. ┬áMy creative streak has been greatly developed and my knowledge and awareness of media in today’s society has matured; gifting me the skills to give constructive feedback to myself and my peers. Overall, Component 1 has been a success.

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