Digipak Collage and Hand drawn Mock up

To inspire our digipak ideas, we created a tactile collage in order to animate and bring our digipak ideas to life. The collage we created is very reflective of the padlet I previously created.  The collage is quirky, bright and a little odd which can is conventional of the alternative indie genre. The collage contains ideas for colour palette, costume, props and the simple and minimalistic mood we are aiming for.

Furthering this, we created a hand drawn mock up of our front and back panes; these are very rough however were useful in inspiring our ideas.

Front pane:

This roughly shows a mid shot of the artists’ legs sat on the toilet, with the album title ‘blinded by colour’.

Back pane:

This briefly shows the artist wearing a rubber glove with an eyeliner match to the track names on the left. We must also ensure that we include the copyright and barcode are clearly displayed on the back pane along with the spine design.

We would like to develop this fun and strange nature which is relevant to the more bizarre elements of the genre.

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