Evaluation of Shoot

Having done our digipak shoot, I can confidently say that I am very happy with the outcome of our images. I feel they are conventional of the alternative indie genre as they display the quirky, intrusive and slightly disturbing aspects of the genre. Additionally, the images show a variety of different angles, distances and compositions whilst still being visually engaging for the audience. This mis-en-scene presented in the images is interesting and unique, for example the yellow marigold glove dripping in yellow paint. Some images were slightly out of focus however the majority of our images were crisp and clean.

This is on of my favourite shots from the shoot as it is wholly representative of our artist and genre, with its simplistic mise-en -scene and its odd use of physicality.



I also love the depth of focus in this shot with the texture and detail on the glove.


I believe these images will allow us to create a conventional, professional and exciting digipak that will successfully represent our star and genre.

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