Digipak Draft 3

Below is our most recent draft of our digipak in the CD case.

Front pane:

Middle panes:

Back pane:

Despite our fairly obvious issue with the sizings of the panes, I believe the overall effect of the album is typical of the genre and conveys the star image well. ┬áTo test this we decided to do an audience tally of what genre they thought the album was from: alternative indie, rock, pop, R&B and folk. Thankfully they unanimously decoded the alternative indie genre therefore showing our successful encoding of the genre. We also asked the same people to select two adjectives that best describe the album and star image from: quirky, edgy, urban, experimental, simplistic and dark. It came to light that quirky and experimental were voted the most which is what we had intended to encode in the star image and overall digipak atmosphere. I believe all of these adjectives could have been used in some way to describe the digipak and star image but especially the ones decoded by the audience. Thus proving our successful use of Stuart Hall’s reception theory in order to achieve a preferred reading from audiences.

This task enabled us to find out what audiences though and to see whether we were conveying the genre and branding correctly.

Targets for improvement:

  • sizings of each pane need to be adjusted]
  • continue to experiment with layout and fonts for front and back panes
  • heighten brightness and colour on back pane

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