Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of Web Design Application

Over the past month we have been using Wix to create our artist website; I had no experience on Wix whatsoever however I have now developed an array of production skills in which have helped me achieve a functional, professional and captivating website.

  • The first of which is simply being able to edit the site; without this drop down link we would not have been able to edit the site. 


  • The ‘add ‘ bar on the left hand side enabled us to create text boxes, shapes, add images and so much more to ensure our website featured all conventional elements of a typical website. We added personal images of star to express the representation of the star, alongside news quotes and merchandise to ensure a preferred reading from audiences; this is attracts and interests and therefore entertains the audience. Additionally,  we created a subscription box as a call to action for audiences to socially interact with the star and receive information and updates of the stars life. Moreover, this page alone fulfils the Blumler and Katz uses and gratification  theory.


  • Another very useful aspect of Wix was being able to advertise the star’s merchandise in   a sophisticated and simple manner. The site allows you to alter the product image, price, name, ribbon, description and so much more product information. This ensures that the audience are fully aware of the products they are buying whilst promoting the branding and star image of the artist through the ability to purchase her merchandise. Additionally it enhances the audiences personal identity as well as being a desirable call to action to buy the products.

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