So how did it go?

Now that Component 1 is complete, I feel ready and set for the future aspects of this course. Throughout this component, I have gained a huge amount of new skills that will aid me in the upcoming tasks, for example I was introduced to Premiere Pro, InDesign, Photoshop and Edublogs. I know there is so much more to learn on each of these programmes but this component enabled me to master the basics.

With ‘Iris’ being my final product (which can be found on the HOME PAGE) , I am extremely pleased with the outcome considering the journey I have been on with this magazine. I have been able to improve my research and evaluation of both my own and peer’s work; as well as having the ability to interpret texts in denotative and connotative ways- broadening my understanding of all media.  My creative streak has been greatly developed and my knowledge and awareness of media in today’s society has matured; gifting me the skills to give constructive feedback to myself and my peers. Overall, Component 1 has been a success.

Draft 6

Please click on the images above to view my updated front cover, contents page and double page spread.

Here you can see I have altered my magazine quite a lot; changes I made on my front cover are:

  • I added a main cover line as well as changing the layout of some of my text.
  • I made my pug smaller and therefore the text within it.

Contents page changes:

  • I changed the subtitle colours for contrast however I may need to change it back for legibility.

DPS Changes:

  • I moved the background image to ensure the fold was not near my model’s face.
  • I also altered the ‘Jude Robins’ text to try centre the flower detail.

I need to make sure to add a byline onto this page to make it more conventional of a double page spread.



  • make pug smaller on front page
  • add a byline



Draft 5 Work In Progress

Below are my new and updated front cover, contents page and double page spread:


As you can see a lot has changed from my last draft.

Front cover: 

  • I added in the real text, ensuring I consider my cover lines and genre.
  •  I tilted the text in my pug to add interest and differentiation to my front cover.
  • I changed the colour of my flower silhouette as to make it stand out more.
  • I also did all the things in which the screen castify recommended.

Contents Page: 

  • I tried to fade background however the image lost it’s quality so I changed the main image to make the text more readable.
  • I changed the text colours to make it more readable.
  • I moved the text closer to edge on lefthand side and lined up the text with ‘I’ in Iris
  • I also added another image however I feel don’t need it.

Double Page Spread: 

  • I made the page number smaller
  • I wrote more in byline
  • I made the drop capital bigger.

To improve my pages I will take into account my peer feedback and continue to work on my pages till I am happy.

Some things I want to work on:

  • Exclusive insight goes in quote space
  • Pug smaller and different content
  • Move coverlines up
  • Fleur Dane goes big
  • Sort hyphenated bits


Feedback on Article

My first draft of my article went well; yet common feedback I received was to adjust the language I used and not over complicate the answers. Once taking on board this feedback – here is my new drafted article.


Here is my article on my DPS: 

Here are some friends reading my article:

Here are their comments on the article:

“Your language used is sophisticated which represents your genre nicely.  I really liked the article as it was engaging as a result of the varied questions.”

Targets for Development:

  • Check spelling
  • Make sure all punctuation is correct
  • Ensure the new updated article is on the dps


Article Idea Development

Before writing my Q & A article about ‘Jude’ (a well-known indie pop artist), it was recommended that we write a hook– this is the information given by the writer to the editor in order to allow them to write the article. Here are the questions in which are included in the hook:

  1. Who are you writing for? I am writing for Iris magazine, an audience interested in the indie pop music genre, and people who are interested in the life of ‘Jude’ .
  2. What is important to your audience? It is important that the audience gain a full insight into Jude’s musically influenced life, therefore the questions asked must good enough in order for the artist’s response to allow this insight. I would like to include the artist’s beliefs, aspects of their childhood and music career. 
  3. What news is currently trending? I would like to include that my article is performing at the upcoming Brit Awards and therefore means that they are in the current news.
  4. How are you going to start? I will start may article with a brief introduction about my artist, their successes, before going into the Q & A.