So…How Can An Image Communicate Meaning?

Over the past few weeks we have been investigating mise-en-scene and its pertinence to connotations and denotations of texts. Thus I have learnt that costume, lighting, acting, makeup and hair, props and setting (CLAMPS) prove vital to the symbolism and explicit meanings of texts and therefore can imply various different meanings. For example if a man was sat in a dark, dull room may suggest a depression and loneliness to the character; although, if the man were wearing a pristine white shirt it could connote his purity and innocence to the text receiver.

I have also learnt camera angle, distance and composition affect the meanings reflected in texts. For example; a low angle shot of a woman may indicate a sense of power, authority and independence to the actress.  Yet, a shot with low exposure will convey a sadness and darkness to the text.  Additionally, a canted long shot may imply an aura of isolation and confusion to the setting presented. An extreme close up encourages focus and attention to detail on the object shown; this constructs emphasis on mood.

To conclude, I have to ensure that I consider all these factors when producing my own media as it is fundamental to convey the intended ideas.

So… I’m a ‘Media Prosumer!’


This collage displays a number of specific ways in which I use media, linking directly to the Blumler & Katz Uses and Gratification theory.

The first element of this is entertainment and or diversion; this is perhaps one of my most time consuming guilty pleasures of my uses of media.  I tend to binge on reality TV such as Love Island and Big Brother, alongside my obsession with films and TV dramas. Some of my most treasured dramas include:  BBC’s ‘The Last Post’, ‘Bodyguard’ and the CBS’ American ‘Blue Bloods’. These I take extreme pleasure in watching amongst my family which usually results in large family discussions about estimated plot lines… Additionally, my love of films is evident with the large amount of rom-coms I consume in a month (’10 Things I Hate About You’ being up there with my most watched). Also, I often watch dance videos on Instagram and trending videos on Twitter to keep me entertained and up to date.

Social interaction is something in which is extremely important to me as it helps me build on who I am; furthermore, media allows me to communicate with people over a mass amount of elements. This may be over social media such as Snap Chat, WhatsApp and Instagram where I talk to my friends, or it could just simply be chatting to my mum about the most recent episode of Love Island. Social interaction is most arguably the most crucial gratification of my uses of media.

I express my personal identity on a range of social media apps, for example on Instagram and Facebook I share images of my life whereas on Twitter I display my beliefs.  Likewise many films, I feel, contribute to who I am and what I believe in. Moreover, I feel the media has played a fundamental part in building my personal identity.

Finally, information and surveillance is what I use the Daily Mail and BBC News for- I like to keep up to date on what’s going on around the world and who is being affected. Furthermore, these are my most frequently used information medias.

This may impact my production work as it gives me a greater insight into the world of media, therefore I am more understanding of it’s purposes and uses. Moreover, I will be able to use this research to influence my own work.

To conclude, my collage qualifies for the Blumler & Katz Uses and Gratification theory as it explores all four reasons why I consume media.



So…Hello Media Studies!

Throughout these next two years, I hope to develop my knowledge of media and branch out into exploring new media styles. Alongside this, I am eager to begin my practical work and to analyse my final pieces.

Skills in which I already acquire include a clear awareness of the media I use daily and why I use it; additionally, I am roughly familiar with some aspects of video creating and editing after making a few mediocre home videos.

I thoroughly enjoy interpreting reasons for mise-en-scene, therefore I know this is the perfect subject that will open my eyes to accepting more convoluted ideas and will widen my understanding of media in general.