Contact Sheet and Evaluation Studio Shoot 2

Here is the contact sheet from our second studio shoot for our digipak; we were pleased with the result as this is what we had intended to achieve.

The images are plain and simple and will link perfectly with our other digipak images, such as the yellow dripping pain on the yellow glove. This quirky and experimental nature is conventional of the genre and will link in well with our other panes.

PMA and Risk Assessment for Studio Shoot 2

Having critically reviewed the previous shoot, we felt we needed to take some more images as our digipak was not coming together when put on InDesign. Connie had the idea to re use the idea of dripping paint on  a clear water bottle in which I thought would link our digipak panes together through the images consistency; furthermore we planned another shoot.

We created a production meeting agenda and risk assessment for this shoot which is not disimilar from our first shoot; this ensures we are organised, safe and lanned for the shoot and makes sure we do not forget anything we would like to carry out in the shoot.



Website Draft 3

Having received feedback from our teacher through the screen castify, we have made a number of improvements to our website.

We have removed the bank space from below the fold, as well as adjusted the navigation bar removing tour as it is featured on the home page, as well as making the sign up page news as well. 

We have also created album themed merchandise with the star’s distinct brand.

We have also made the sign up page a news page also, featuring recent quotes fro the artist only featured on her website.


Targets for improvement:

  • I think tour needs to go back on the navigation bar just to avoid confusion
  • It can get frustrating having to click ‘SAIGE.’ to go back to the home page every time so maybe keep the navigation bar on each page
  • update the music page with recent album

Website Draft 2


Above is a screen castify made by our teacher giving feedback on our draft 2 of our website; not much had changed apart form some more information and been added. Here are her suggested target for improvement:

  • blank space below the fold on the landing page
  • links on the left below the fold on the landing page need to be adjusted
  • take tour off navigation bar
  • too old fashioned font on music page
  • keep navigation bar on each page
  • link to iTunes on music page
  • blurb on music video
  • sort merch page by using merch site
  • make sure all the picture are our own on subscription page with captions
  • news page