Production Skills 4 – Evaluation of Web Design Application

Over the past month we have been using Wix to create our artist website; I had no experience on Wix whatsoever however I have now developed an array of production skills in which have helped me achieve a functional, professional and captivating website.

  • The first of which is simply being able to edit the site; without this drop down link we would not have been able to edit the site. 


  • The ‘add ‘ bar on the left hand side enabled us to create text boxes, shapes, add images and so much more to ensure our website featured all conventional elements of a typical website. We added personal images of star to express the representation of the star, alongside news quotes and merchandise to ensure a preferred reading from audiences; this is attracts and interests and therefore entertains the audience. Additionally,  we created a subscription box as a call to action for audiences to socially interact with the star and receive information and updates of the stars life. Moreover, this page alone fulfils the Blumler and Katz uses and gratification  theory.


  • Another very useful aspect of Wix was being able to advertise the star’s merchandise in   a sophisticated and simple manner. The site allows you to alter the product image, price, name, ribbon, description and so much more product information. This ensures that the audience are fully aware of the products they are buying whilst promoting the branding and star image of the artist through the ability to purchase her merchandise. Additionally it enhances the audiences personal identity as well as being a desirable call to action to buy the products.

Production Skills Evaluation 3 – DP

Having started editing the images for our digipak, I have developed my production skills greatly on PhotoShop. For example:

  • Spot healing- The spot healing tool has enabled me to clean up the marked white floor of the original image, alongside removing the black lines off the socks. This helped convey the genre, displaying the crisp and minimalist aspects associated with alternative indie branding.



  • Blur- The blur tool helped smooth the whites in the image to ensure out digipak looked clean, crisp and professional. Additionally, this supported the simplistic branding of the album helping convey the very raw narrative of the cover.


  • Brightness and contrast- We increases both the brightness and contrast in the image so that the image looked pure and raw therefore highlighting it’s simplicity. This also heightened the bruised shown on the star’s legs and arms, positively supporting the very natural and pure star image.


These skills have positively impacted our digipak as they have made our images slick and professional as well as supporting the branding, genre, narrative and star image shown through the digipak.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

Continuing on with our edit, I have gained even more production skills on premiere pro. Some which include:

  • Using ‘ctrl S’ to save the project. This means that our video is continuously updated and prevents footage being lost.

  • Dragging the blue line to to navigate through the video; this means that we can quickly access different clips of the video to ensure that the narrative flows and  that the representation of the star is consistent throughout.
  • Having previous sequences open so that we can constantly refer back to drafts to see improvements and adjustments to the video which means that we can check that the alternative indie genre is presented effectively through our video and is maintained in our more recent drafts.
    These skills have positively impacted the production process of the video and will continue to improve the overall product.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Having completed the first draft of our music video, I have developed my production skills especially on Premiere Pro. For example:

  • Moving the video only without audio into the project. This has made moving each clip into the main video without the hassle of having to remove the audio, meaning it is more time effective.

  • Adding effects such as zooms in, haze and the stabilizer. This adds variety to out video and therefore makes it more interesting and engaging for viewers.

  • Colour correction on badly lit clips. This has been a saviour  whilst creating the video due to our issue with lighting during the shoot; furthermore the colour correction has allowed us to lighten the clips and increase the exposure so that the video looks more bleak and eery.

This task has enabled me to evaluate and reflect back on what skills I have learnt and how they have positively affected our video.

I am looking forward to seeing what other production skills I am going to develop throughout the rest of the creating of our music video.