Contact Sheet and Evaluation Studio Shoot 2

Here is the contact sheet from our second studio shoot for our digipak; we were pleased with the result as this is what we had intended to achieve.

The images are plain and simple and will link perfectly with our other digipak images, such as the yellow dripping pain on the yellow glove. This quirky and experimental nature is conventional of the genre and will link in well with our other panes.

PMA and Risk Assessment for Studio Shoot 2

Having critically reviewed the previous shoot, we felt we needed to take some more images as our digipak was not coming together when put on InDesign. Connie had the idea to re use the idea of dripping paint on  a clear water bottle in which I thought would link our digipak panes together through the images consistency; furthermore we planned another shoot.

We created a production meeting agenda and risk assessment for this shoot which is not disimilar from our first shoot; this ensures we are organised, safe and lanned for the shoot and makes sure we do not forget anything we would like to carry out in the shoot.



Digipak Draft 3

Below is our most recent draft of our digipak in the CD case.

Front pane:

Middle panes:

Back pane:

Despite our fairly obvious issue with the sizings of the panes, I believe the overall effect of the album is typical of the genre and conveys the star image well.  To test this we decided to do an audience tally of what genre they thought the album was from: alternative indie, rock, pop, R&B and folk. Thankfully they unanimously decoded the alternative indie genre therefore showing our successful encoding of the genre. We also asked the same people to select two adjectives that best describe the album and star image from: quirky, edgy, urban, experimental, simplistic and dark. It came to light that quirky and experimental were voted the most which is what we had intended to encode in the star image and overall digipak atmosphere. I believe all of these adjectives could have been used in some way to describe the digipak and star image but especially the ones decoded by the audience. Thus proving our successful use of Stuart Hall’s reception theory in order to achieve a preferred reading from audiences.

This task enabled us to find out what audiences though and to see whether we were conveying the genre and branding correctly.

Targets for improvement:

  • sizings of each pane need to be adjusted]
  • continue to experiment with layout and fonts for front and back panes
  • heighten brightness and colour on back pane

Digipak Draft 2

Below is our most recent draft of our digipak.

Front pane:


Middle left pane:


Middle right pane:


Back pane:



As you can see, we have really developed each pane; I think the biggest change is the font which we have been experimenting with. Additionally, I changed the colour of the text from a black to a deep grey as the black looked flat on the page. I’m not entirely sure the sizing of the middle panes are correct and we are yet to create the spine on the back pane but we will have this done for our next draft. I also experimented with the colouring of the text on the back panel, highlighting various words; I could maybe develop this with colouring letters to spell the album name or just a phrase.

Screen Castify

Targets for improvement:

  • brighten all the images
  • crispen all the images on photoshop
  • experiment with font weight and size on back pane
  • experiment with the arrangement of font on front pane
  • look for other potential images from shoot that don’t have artist


Digipak Draft 1

This is the first draft of our front pane for our digipak. I am extremely happy with the image and the editing, however there is plenty to be improved on in the typeface and DTP in order to make the digipak conventional of the alternative indie genre and a typical digipak.

Evaluation of Shoot

Having done our digipak shoot, I can confidently say that I am very happy with the outcome of our images. I feel they are conventional of the alternative indie genre as they display the quirky, intrusive and slightly disturbing aspects of the genre. Additionally, the images show a variety of different angles, distances and compositions whilst still being visually engaging for the audience. This mis-en-scene presented in the images is interesting and unique, for example the yellow marigold glove dripping in yellow paint. Some images were slightly out of focus however the majority of our images were crisp and clean.

This is on of my favourite shots from the shoot as it is wholly representative of our artist and genre, with its simplistic mise-en -scene and its odd use of physicality.



I also love the depth of focus in this shot with the texture and detail on the glove.


I believe these images will allow us to create a conventional, professional and exciting digipak that will successfully represent our star and genre.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Above is our production meeting agenda and risk assessment for out digipak photoshoot. The risks will be reduced as the shoot is in school and will therefore be monitored by a member of staff.

These documents will ensure our shoot is organised and will run fluently.



Digipak Collage and Hand drawn Mock up

To inspire our digipak ideas, we created a tactile collage in order to animate and bring our digipak ideas to life. The collage we created is very reflective of the padlet I previously created.  The collage is quirky, bright and a little odd which can is conventional of the alternative indie genre. The collage contains ideas for colour palette, costume, props and the simple and minimalistic mood we are aiming for.

Furthering this, we created a hand drawn mock up of our front and back panes; these are very rough however were useful in inspiring our ideas.

Front pane:

This roughly shows a mid shot of the artists’ legs sat on the toilet, with the album title ‘blinded by colour’.

Back pane:

This briefly shows the artist wearing a rubber glove with an eyeliner match to the track names on the left. We must also ensure that we include the copyright and barcode are clearly displayed on the back pane along with the spine design.

We would like to develop this fun and strange nature which is relevant to the more bizarre elements of the genre.